Rapha Bib Knickers heavy weight. do not get it should not it’s a Tight

I’ve acquired tights, knickers and knee heaters and I believe all of them have their place.

Knee heaters for when the temps are going to heat or cool through the trip to an extent that I will be over or underneath dressed in the midst of the trip. Worn with quick sleeves and arm heaters or lengthy sleeves. Full fingered gloves

Knickers when it is too cool for shorts however not chilly sufficient that I must bundle up. Warn with lengthy sleeved heavy weight jersey and potential base layer and possibly a wind vest. Hat and full fingered gloves.

Tights for the chilly. Heavy jersey with a number of base layers and wind vest or jacket. Hat and heavier gloves.

All the above hats, jerseys and base layers are wool.

Too typically I see cyclists on a cooler day, what I contemplate knicker climate, carrying shorts and their knees are as crimson as apples. I do not know in the event that they really feel it isn’t chilly sufficient for tights or they’re fair-weather cyclists that are not actually ready to trip in cooler climate, however my knees damage simply seeing theirs.