Amelia Squariel: FH – Crankshaft meeting

 Now we have to have a look at the crankshaft.

First up is the sludge entice. Eager readers will know that we cleaned this out some whereas in the past, so all I’ve to do as we speak is run a material by way of the outlet to clear any mud and particles:

The sludge entice was cleaned on the identical time, so we simply give {that a} rub over with a material.

One of many flywheel bolts passes into the sludge entice – maybe to cease it rotating. It is safely in place:

I am utilizing the hexagon kind sludge entice plugs. This one locates the drive finish of the sludge entice:

It is held in place with medium Loctite threadlock:

It is a horrible image, but it surely serves to point out the plug has efficiently situated the top of the sludge entice:

The plain timing aspect plug can be held in with Loctite medium threadlock.

Subsequent, with the sludge entice closed up and the flywheel bolts performed up tight, we are able to trial match the connecting rods utilizing strange nuts. We do not need to use the true nuts but, since they can’t be reused.

Now, these massive ends ought to be 1.657/1.6565″ in line with the BSA knowledge sheet; this one measures 1.656/1.655″, so we 0.0005/0.002″ undersize. I felt this was shut sufficient and ordered the corresponding -0.030″ shells from the dual spares man on the AOMCC.

The primary trial meeting is now full, and you’ll really feel a small quantity of play with dry massive ends; this disappears when the bearings are oiled.

I’ve ordered some Plastiguage to find out what the clearance actually is. 

Extra on this later.