Abusing the Bendix 70 coaster-hub……..

After happening an extended steep hill with the Bendix 70 coaster-equipped Schwinn LeTour, I pulled right into a car parking zone to see how scorching the brake hub may really be. I figured it could be heat, however once I put my finger on the hub it was really very, extremely popular. I took some gobs of hard-packed snow that had been plowed up together with the lot and began placing them on the hub, and it melted them like butter in a frying pan, in a short time. I did this about 5 instances, and will have saved at it however I had a trip to complete. So I acquired again on the bike and continued to move down the lengthy grade that stretches from I-90 north on US Rt19 to Lake Erie. I saved the pace down, however I needed to trip the brake rather a lot and figured it was getting a very good exercise. As a rider with all my winter gear I weigh in at a bit over 220 kilos, plus at the very least one other 20 for the bike which has 27″ wheels, and that may be a huge load for a small coaster brake.

After this trip I’ve determined to not use this bike for any extra lengthy rides that embrace huge altitude modifications. I determine it was simply not designed for this a lot of a work-load, and I do not wish to find yourself getting stranded or have a crash if it burns out or fails from this nice warmth generated. I’ll have sufficient enjoyable simply cruising round city and staying on routes which might be largely flat.

This brake was off a girl’s Schwinn Breeze and appeared to have virtually no use previous to my getting the hub, it had no indicators of wear and tear on the inner elements. I floor a radius on the modern of the brake sneakers to assist them work extra easily towards the hub, and to assist them preserve lubricant between them and the hub shell to possibly assist cooling and reliability.

A coaster-brake bicycle is a fantastic easy machine, and for me which means utilizing it for simple relaxed using on routes that should not have lengthy steep grades that might overheat them.

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