Why is Rust Unhealthy for A Bike?

Should you’re a bicycle owner, likelihood is that you simply’re acquainted with the scourge that’s rust. Not solely does it damage your paintwork, nevertheless it impacts your bike’s efficiency and in the end your using expertise.

On this article from Tru-Stress, producers in top quality bike upkeep gear, our consultants discover the unfavorable results rust can have in your bike and share their high recommendations on how you can spot the early indicators of rust and the way finest to deal with it to stop any additional harm to your satisfaction and pleasure.

What’s Rust and How Is It Shaped?

To know how damaging rust might be, it helps to know what it’s.

Rust is the by-product of a chemical response. It occurs when oxygen and moisture mix on a steel floor to kind iron oxide, which is the red-orange flaky substance you typically discover on automobiles or bikes.

Bikes and different automobiles are significantly vulnerable to rust due to extended publicity to salty air and moisture from rainwater and puddles on the highway.

If the primary indicators of rust are usually not handled, it’ll worsen and weaken the construction of your bike.

Why Does Rust Pose a Hazard to Cyclists?

Finally, rust is corrosion on the steel of a motorcycle body, if left untreated for a chronic time frame, this could result in the steel turning into weaker and intime result in structural failure.

Listed here are the important thing areas and elements in your bike which can be most vulnerable to rust and trigger you probably the most hazard:


A standard reason behind rust in your bike chassis is chipped paint. The paint in your bike chassis is what protects the steel beneath from publicity to the weather, which means that if the paint begins to flake and fall off, your bike will probably be susceptible to rust.

Rust weakens the structural integrity of the steel, making it brittle and vulnerable to snapping throughout a journey, which is one thing none of us wish to take care of!


Rust corrosion in your bike chain is especially harmful, particularly throughout a journey. If rust has weakened the integrity of the hyperlinks, the subsequent time you set your foot on the pedal your chain might snap. This might go away you stranded with a damaged bike, or worse, when you’re using in conjunction with the highway, this might trigger you to lose management of your bike and trigger an accident.


Should you’re a motorcyclist, rust that has corroded your bike engine may cause vital harm, circulating in your engine and affecting how properly gas flows by means of your bike and in the end affecting the best way it rides.

Easy methods to Spot Rust Early

Relating to stopping rust from forming it helps to know how you can spot it early. The primary signal of rust that it’s essential look out for is paint that appears as if it’s effervescent or blistering. White powder or chalky residue might also emerge from the bubbles.

Paint harm like which means that moisture has gotten into the paintwork and corrosion is going on beneath it. Should you’ve observed this on areas of your bike, we suggest that you simply sand the world down, prime it and repaint it, ensuring to maintain the world dry as you accomplish that.

If these areas go untreated, you possibly can end up coping with a a lot bigger drawback within the type of rust scale additional down the road, so the earlier you deal with your paint problem the higher.

Should you don’t journey your bike that usually, it’s possible you’ll miss this signal early on, so apart from the red-orange rust scaling on the physique of your bike, one other indication that your elements have rust harm are noises reminiscent of grating or squeaking.

We suggest that you simply repeatedly examine your bike earlier than and after you journey so that you simply discover these adjustments and may perform the therapy.

Easy methods to Forestall Rust from Forming

Whereas it’s all too simple to your bike to change into the sufferer of rust, it’s attainable to keep away from it with a bit of easy and common upkeep.

Listed here are the three methods you may deal with rust to enhance the lifespan of your bike elements:

Apply Bike Chain Lubricant 

First, you will want to take away any of the grime and dust that has gathered in your bike chain. You’ll be able to wipe it away with a fabric or a smooth bristled brush. As soon as your chain is clear, you may apply a motorcycle lubricant like Tru-Stress Bananaslip Moist Lube alongside the size of the chain.

Commonly Clear and Keep Your Bike 

When cleansing your bike, keep away from utilizing water. Water can mix with the dust that has labored into the elements making a paste-like grime that can hasten the rusting course of.

We suggest utilizing merchandise that don’t have to be rinsed away and work to repel moisture, like Tru-Stress Snow Foam, or Tru-Stress Upkeep spray.

Retailer Your Bike Sensibly

Lastly, among the finest methods to stop rust is to retailer your bike in a dry and sheltered space, reminiscent of a shed or storage to stop extended publicity to air and moisture.

Bike Cleansing and Upkeep Merchandise from Tru-Stress

At Tru-Stress, we perceive that when rust has received its maintain, it’s a troublesome beast to sort out.

That’s why we designed a variety of fast and straightforward cleansing and upkeep merchandise that will help you maintain it at bay.

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