Now we have had a number of incidents the place motorcyclists have had a minor prang and as a substitute of getting a certificates of insurance coverage matching a quantity plate, they get some weirdly drafted piece of quasi legalistic nonsense bearing the ‘seal’ of the ‘Widespread Legislation Court docket’ purporting to be a bond served on the Secretary of State for Transport which is alleged to be a £4,000,000 bond to face rather than insurance coverage.

An excessive amount of time on ‘internet

It additionally purports to demand the Secretary of State for Transport formally reject the bond or in any other case it will likely be deemed recognised. The ‘bond’ refers to some uniform code – clearly not UK laws – and has the look of an official doc, drafted by somebody who spends an excessive amount of time on the web.

I’m instructed by cops that they’re selecting up uninsured automobiles and automobiles with false quantity plates whose drivers are satisfied that as a matter of some sort of common regulation (which can be referred to as widespread regulation by its adherents, albeit it has no foundation in widespread regulation as most legal professionals would outline it) that as they haven’t consented to, on this case, the Highway Visitors Act 1988 they don’t seem to be ruled by it.

The adherents to this imaginary quasi authorized system are inclined to have their automobiles impounded and finally destroyed by the police beneath the precise quite than fantasy powers of the police, however the motorcyclist is left both utilizing their absolutely complete cowl or working uninsured losses via the uninsured drivers’ scheme of the MIB.

The logic right here, which bears no relationship to precise regulation in nearly any jurisdiction, bases itself on a philosophical level that as an individual has not recognised the authority of the state to drive them into having a licence or extra generally insurance coverage, then the individual declares themselves freed from such obligation. Within the regulation of the UK, drivers and riders of powered two wheelers use the roads by ‘licence’ not proper. Nonetheless, the ‘logic’ is a fluid factor, and seems to be a hotchpotch of US state degree jurisdictional factors on what constitutes ‘driving’ – of no software exterior of the US state. The second you want a licence, which is one other method to say pennission to make use of the highways, and to work together with members of the general public on roads and open areas both paid for by the state or open to the general public, Parliament has made regulation which says you have to be licensed and insured on a highway authorized car. Citing some historical and doubtful authority from a primary occasion courtroom in Butt Creek, Indiana shouldn’t be a lot assist in Leicestershire.

Odd piece of paper

So, in case you are concerned in an accident and an odd piece of paper is produced it is advisable be getting the police concerned because the car is uninsured and the holder of some quasi-legalistic gibberish shouldn’t be solely uninsured but additionally might be ‘uttering as false instrument’ opposite to the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act.

Andrew Dalton

Bike Journal June 2023