Watch This Man Swap A 500cc Two-Stroke Motor Into His Honda Grom

Most Grom house owners could be glad with their machine’s 125cc powerplant. Others, nevertheless, are extra adventurous. Vasily Builds initially put a 200cc motor in his Grom, however after one lengthy stint going flat out at 90 miles per hour, the engine he initially put in went kaput. 

The suspected failure level was with the piston of the 200cc motor. The engine misplaced compression which was a horrible and horrible signal for its future and later within the video, we see Vasily opening it up and revealing a giant gaping gap punched into the piston. 

So as an alternative of placing in one other 200cc motor to exchange the one which was dusted, Vasily Builds determined to go for a 500cc two-stroke Banshee engine. 

Yeah, that’s proper, he went for greater than double the displacement. The 200cc motor was already a two-stroke, which meant that the Grom’s first engine swap was already a quick one, however for the second time round, it was time to go sooner. 

Whereas ready for the engine to be despatched over, a brand new set of bearings had been put in into the repainted wheels together with a brand new set of tires. Following that, a brand new subframe was fabricated for the little Honda, because the engine that was to be fitted wasn’t meant to suit the Grom’s chassis. 

Just a few selection components had been picked out for the construct as a way to convey it nearer to his aim of creating it appear like a mini MotoGP bike. 

Following that, the second video opens up with the set up of the brand new motor, and it concludes with a primary journey. 

The subsequent video opens up with a difficulty however with just a few extra mods. Sadly, just a few gears within the transmission received chewed up so components had been ordered the final time the bike was ridden after which it was off to the subsequent video. 

So the subsequent video begins with addressing the transmission difficulty, then it continues on with a take a look at journey which included acceleration exams and a top-speed run. The bike nearly hit 100 miles per hour on the GPS speedometer. 

The ultimate video’s all in regards to the different closing touches, refining the journey, and extra flybys. By the tip of it, the Grom was actually flying and screaming all the best way to the extro.