Watch: Racer X Workers Reacts to Bradshaw Hitting Matiasevich at 1989 Paris SX

The Racer X employees breaks down footage of probably the worst move try ever: Damon Bradshaw on Jeff “Hen” Matiasevich on the 1989 Paris Supercross. Within the well-known incident, Bradshaw will get whiskey throttle and ghost rides immediately into the facet of Matiasevich. Jason Weigandt, Kellen Brauer, Mitch Kendra, Tom Journet, Donnie Southers, and Matt Rice speak concerning the well-known incident. Journet watches the clip for the primary time reside in the course of the chat because the group shares laughs and ideas on the race. Then, the group examines the Bradshaw-Matiasevich run in on the 1990 Anaheim Supercross just a few months later.