Tour de France 2023 Dialogue Stage 02 -spoilers. Profile, end

Stage 2 is yet one more hilly stage. Once more, all in Basque Nation. About 125 miles. Once more, a stage the place a breakaway can type and survive. The course begins out on a plateau, with mid-way dash / inexperienced factors very early on, at 24 miles. Then, on to the hilly half.

The top has a 5 mile downhill adopted by relative flat for 3 or 4 miles – so a lot of regrouping could occur. End from 2 miles out is tame, with two mild bends. This end runs alongside the coast, east to west, so facet winds may play a task.

This route can assist a breakaway, and it’s nonetheless be too early for the GC contenders to really feel snug permitting a large, or non-threatening, breakaway. [Now retired, A Valverde would not be allowed to get away, although not typically named as a likely GC contender. Despite the fact that for his final several years, he was quite high in the overall standings at the end of nearly every GT he rode. A rider along this style will be a threat to the overall GC in stages 1 and 2.]