Top 5 Secure and Certified Helmets for Kids

Top 5 Secure and Certified Helmets for Kids

If you’re looking for the best kids motorcycle helmets to fit your child or teen but aren’t certain which is the most suitable, then you don’t need to be concerned for a second. Here, we’ll present you with a selection of the most comfortable and safe motorcycle helmets for kids that are produced by reliable brands at a price that is affordable.

Most comprise dirt-bike helmets designed for children aged 5-10 years old, but there are full-face street-oriented helmets that are suitable for older kids too. Kids motorcycle helmets are designed specifically for the security and safety of children. It is therefore important to follow the necessary safety precautions for children when riding a motorcycle.

Kids motorcycle helmets are manufactured exactly the same way as the ones for adults. They are a little different in regard to design and color, yet they’re just as secure and safe. They are made in accordance with the size of children and can comfortably accommodate their heads and keep their heads safe from a severe head injury caused by an accident.

We have identified the top 5 kids motorcycle helmets, so be sure to look them up. Read the buyer’s guide underneath the reviews to discover the most crucial details that will aid you in your choice.

Top 5 Amazing Helmets for Kids:

1. LS2 Helmets Rapid Youth Helmet:

LS2 Helmets Rapid Youth Helmet

LS2 Helmets Rapid Mini Helmet (Matte Black – Youth Medium)

It’s a stylish motorcycle helmet suitable for children aged 10+ with a minimal design and an aerodynamic style. The appearance and feel of the helmet may appear too basic to a degree however, I personally enjoy the style.

The shell that is used in the LS2 Rapid Youth helmet is made of a lightweight thermoplastic material. The weight is just 2.8 pounds and is an extremely light helmet available in its class. The helmet is DOT certified to ensure safety. It is available in two sizes of the shell.

The LS2 Rapid Youth helmet comes equipped with a pin-lock-ready face shield. It is an anti-fogging feature that is typically found on more expensive helmets. The pin-lock must be purchased separately, however. Inside the helmet is an easily washable and removable comfort liner made of several pieces. The fit is extremely snug, particularly around the neck region which can create difficulties for certain individuals.

The LS2 Rapid Youth helmet is certainly a great price. If you’re looking for an all-face helmet with an elegant design, a lot of beneficial features, and is inexpensive at the same time it is a good choice with this model. There’s just one drawback to this helmet, which is that it has a snugger fitting on the neck.


  • Light thermoplastic shell
  • Pinlock ready shield
  • Good air circulation
  • Mechanism for quick release


  • Necks too tightly around

2. TCMT Dot Best lightweight Helmet for Kids:

TCMT Dot Best lightweight Helmet for Kids

TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet Blue Skull Motorcycle Youth Helmet

TCMT Dot Youth and Children Motocross Offroad Street Helmet and stylish design and the capacity to hold all your gear a helmet is an excellent option. The most attractive feature of this helmet is it comes with glasses and gloves.

It’s also available in different sizes and colors in addition. It is light and lets children of all ages wear it with ease. It’s extremely durable and has UV protection. The interior part of the helmet has been cushioned well and well.

However, it does its job very well. It’s made in a manner that will ensure the safety and security of your child’s head permitting adjustment and buckle security too. The visor offers safe protection for the face.


  • The sleek and glossy design has a UV-protective finish.
  • It is comfortable and cushioned inside.
  • The product is DOT 3 graded.


  • The glasses will need to fit over the helmet therefore the visor will not close.

3. YEMA YM-211 Youth Off-Road Helmet:

YEMA YM-211 Youth Off-Road Helmet

Motocross Youth Kids Helmet DOT Approved – YEMA Helmet YM-211

YEMA YM-211 is a youth off-road safety helmet that is designed to provide safety, comfort, and child protection. The outer layer of the helmet is the ABS shell and the inner layer of EPS with multiple densities to provide protection and comfort with light.

The buckle that can be adjusted is designed to allow you to wear it comfortably on the head and to adjust the helmet to fit the head.

The ventilation system has been designed to stop exhaustion when using the helmet. Fresh air can pass through the ventilator with ease which allows the child to breathe comfortably and ride without discomfort in the helmet. This YEMA helmet has a complete, full-face helmet that covers everything from the face to the neck and protects the child from serious injuries.

The buckle has a quick release. It is easy to unbuckle the helmet and clean it using either soap or water. It comes in three sizes suitable for children (S-L) featuring green as well as shiny green hues.


  • Superior ventilation system and durable
  • Quick-release system
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Full-face helmet covering


  • Breakable

4. 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike BMX MX Youth Kids Full Face:

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike BMX MX Youth Kids Full Face

1Storm Dual Sport Helmet Motorcycle Full Face Motocross Off Road ATV Dirt Bike HGXP14A

1Storm Street Motorcycle BMX MX Youth Kids Full Face is a different DOT-approved kids’ helmet that’s loved by youngsters due to its style and lightweight. The first thing to highlight is the wide range of colors you can pick from. Also, it comes in a variety of sizes, which makes it ideal for both older and younger youngsters.

It comes with top and front vents control as well as three position channels to provide extra ventilation. This will result in less fatigue, fogging, and an overall more comfortable and safer experience.

To provide extra security and comfort, this model comes with padding inside. This padding is removable, and you are able to wash it if you need to. The shell is a glossy, UV-resistant finish, which is featured in all designs and colors offered by the company.


  • It comes in many colors.
  • It has thick padding
  • Great air circulation


  • Only for kids up to 5 years old.

5. Motocross ATV Dirt Bike MX Motorcycle Green:

Motocross ATV Dirt Bike MX Motorcycle Green

Typhoon Youth Kids Offroad Gear Combo Helmet Gloves Goggles DOT Motocross ATV Dirt Bike MX Motorcycle

Motocross Dirt Bicycle ATV MX Motorbike Green with gloves, a helmet, and goggles. It comes in various sizes and black/green or all-black colors.

Aerodynamically designed, the helmet weighs 2.7 pounds. It’s therefore ideal for children younger than 5 years old. However, it is recommended to examine your child’s head in order to ensure it’s a good fit.

The gloves are shipped by the brand with the same dimensions as their helmet. However, you can inquire with them about an alternative size. The 3-point sun visor and intake ventilation help make the gloves easy to wear. It’s certified by DOT since it has completed the FMVSS 218 testing for quality in comfort, durability, and comfort. The helmet has an removeable liner that is easily washed with a machine.


  • It comes with a bag
  • Aerodynamic shell
  • Port for the panoramic eye


  • The gear is a little small

Child Motorcycle Helmet Buyer's Guide:

Safety Considerations

To ensure safety, be sure to purchase the right size for your child’s head. Make sure the helmet is padded to keep it in place within the skull. Do not use it if the helmet isn’t tight enough and there’s space between the shell’s inner and the head of your child.

Chin straps are also essential security features. They protect your face and help keep the helmet solidly in the correct position. Another aspect to think about is the style of helmet you choose as full-face helmets provide the greatest protection for the head and face.


Find a kid’s motorcycle helmet that’s DOT-approved. Department of Transportation safety rating is recognized across the USA. ECE is considered to be the European equivalent of the DOT. Each model is branded with a logo from the company that has endorsed the model to ensure safety. If the model doesn’t have an official label, you may need to find a different one.

Sizing for Little Kids

One of the most common mistakes parents make is purchasing a bigger helmet for their kids. The size of children’s heads can increase quickly, and you’ll need to purchase a new helmet frequently.

It is a good idea to pick one that comes with additional pads. These pads allow you to adjust the size of the helmet a little to ensure that it isn’t too tight or loose. Be aware that there’s not a universal size. Even if the label states the age range it’s intended for, it’s still important to take measurements of your child’s head in order to make sure that it fits perfectly.

Material type

The general fit is essential to the safety of the helmet. But there’s an additional aspect that can affect the safety of a helmet and that’s the material it’s constructed from.

To make padding, many producers use soft foam. Choose a product that is safe and clean. Although removing foam padding may not seem like a crucial factor however it’s. It is necessary to take the pads off each time for cleaning.


Every aspect of the helmet serves a role and function; therefore, all of the features are equally essential to ensure safety, durability, the resistance to wear, and comfort among other features. They are however available in a variety of combinations and variants according to the model and type.

Final Words:

I am certain that following this post you’ll be able to comprehend the top motorcycle helmets for youngsters and how to pick the one that your child will enjoy. It may not be simple to locate the ideal helmet for your children in 2022, particularly for children who are new.

We’re providing our reviews and buying guide to make the buying process as easy for you as it can be. If you’re uncertain about something do not hesitate to write us your feedback by filling out this form.