Top 5 Motorcycle Speedometers for Quality Monitoring

Top 5 Motorcycle Speedometers for Quality Monitoring

A speedometer is a device used to gauge how fast a motorbike or car is, typically constructed to ensure a safe speed limitation. The development of the speedometer, as well as its position as a distinct characteristic of cars, has led to the development of speed limits that are actually enforced.

A bike cannot be fully equipped without a working speedometer. It is attached to the cab of the speedo for dirt bike and is typically placed in the same enclosure as the Odometer. The device records the entire distance traveled.

It is a favorite among bikers since it lets them keep track of their speed when riding. The device is simple to set up and offers accurate readings with the push of a button. Compact and user-friendly it is a fast, easy upgrade you can put this speedo for dirt bike.

In the case of dirt bike riding, it’s never important to know the speed you’re traveling. But it’s an ideal idea to know to be aware of speed limits if you’re riding on roads that are public or you’d like to keep within a safe range.

Are you curious? Do not worry, I’ll accept the burden. I’ll present you with the speedo for dirt bike, along with their advantages and cons. Also, you can find the top selections on our checklist below!

Top 5 Speedometers for your Dirt Bike

1. Latnex Waterproof Digital Speedometer:

Latnex Waterproof Digital Speedometers

LATNEX GPS Speedometer Odometer Waterproof with Green/Red/Blue Digital Display Backlight.

The second speedometer for dirt bikes we have on the list comes from LATNEX. You will appreciate the style, feel, and features this particular model comes with. The amazing device comes with high-quality LCDs and an eco-friendly backlight system that will provide the most user-friendly interface.

In the end, you are able to easily see the readings regardless of the brightness or color of the light. Be assured that this digital machine will last longer since it’s both waterproof and dust-proof.

This speedometer has a settable low speed as well as a high-speed alarm system. Furthermore, this LATNEX Wizard comes with an EEPROM memory that stores the data you want to store and also your preferences in a way that is automatic. You can view the maximum speed of your vehicle on its display, and also reset it each time.

Overall, this low-cost and easy-to-install gadget with helpful features like a clock and voltage detection capabilities is a great biker’s companion for upcoming activities.


  • GPS satellite position
  • It is extremely simple to install, with an easy setup procedure
  • Built to last with durable quality, and the ability to withstand dust and water.


  • There may be issues getting the odometer set to zero

2. SAMDO Universal Motorcycle Speedometer:

SAMDO Universal Speedometers

SAMDO Universal Motorcycle Speedometer Odometer Tachometer RPM Speedometer

Perhaps the display on your dirt bike’s speedometer displays simply the number of miles. There are other things you need to consider to fully comprehend the experience, such as the Gear you’re riding on what’s the remaining fuel level, and so on. If this is something, you would like you should consider Samdo Universal got the right deal for you.

With Samdo You receive more than just the speedometer. It’s an odometer as well as a Tachometer in one. Thus, the fuel level gear, indicator direction, and battery level and these things are shown right in front of you. In addition, it also displays speeds in km/h as well as the mph to make it easier for you.


  • Great display and very compatible.
  • Displays speed in kilometers and miles.
  • Multi-functional.


RPM won’t work with EFI engines.

3. Trail Tech Vapor Speedometer :

Trail Tech Vapor Speedometers

Trail Tech 752-119 Black Vapor Digital Speedometer Tachometer Gauge Kit

This Trail Tech Vapor kit is an ideal speedometer that meets all your requirements. It comes with temperature and speed sensors for motorcycles. The vapor gauge is a complete product.

It has an internal battery that can last for a whole year; however, you can also plug it directly into the motorcycle’s battery to get the option of an electronic start. This way, it will automatically start every when you start your bike.

When you install this device, you will be able to set the lights to flash at a specific temperature. It will be sufficiently bright to be visible during the day and signal you when the temperature has been achieved.

The speedometer shows the resettable time for your ride, so you’ll keep a track of your ride from beginning to finish, and then set it back whenever you like. It also shows an ad-hoc stopwatch that records an exact portion of your ride.


  • All-in-one kit with LED indicator
  • Timer for the ride and Stopwatch
  • Hardware for the Handlebar’s mounting kit


  • No negatives were discovered against this product.

4. BLUERICE 7 Backlight Universal GPS Speedometer:

BLUERICE 7 Backlight Universal GPS Speedometers

BLUERICE 7 Backlight Universal GPS Speedometer 0-120Km/h 

For those looking for an ultra-modern dirt bike speedometer that is stylish and has an elegant design, The BLUERICE speedometer will be a great option. This high-end device has a lot of functions to make it the leading competitor for this type of speedometer that is traditional.

Furthermore, this tiny but powerful machine is built using high-quality components. This means it will provide long-lasting performance. Additionally, the dirt bike speedometer weighs just 0.3 kg, making it extremely light. You can be sure of this. The product is also waterproof. This means it won’t be damaged even if you are riding your bike when it’s raining.

To provide you with a more pleasant experience for the user for a better user experience, this dirt bike speedometer is fitted with seven different backlight colors. You can select the color of your preference. These hues will change automatically each minute. They also allow you to see dimensions during nighttime activities.


  • Displays accurate speed measurements.
  • Simple setup process
  • Affordable price tag


  • It’s hard to reset the device.

5. Trail Tech Endurance Speedometer :

Trail Tech Endurance Speedometers

Trail Tech 202-111 Endurance II Digital Gauge Speedometer Kit

Dirt bikes usually have an ordinary speedometer which is okay but not very good. It’s hard to know what’s going on when you ride, and sometimes you can push it so hard that it will break down. To prevent this from happening it is essential to use an appropriate dirt bike digital speedometer like that of the Trail Tech Enduro II.

Then there’s the other stuff like 2-trip distance trackers for the time of your ride, or the cumulative ride duration that give you an accurate picture of the speed of your ride. Additionally, you will receive an alert for maintenance that includes either time or mileage interval duration. This way you will be aware of when it is time to take a break and care for the journey.


  • It is compatible with a range of bikes
  • Speed is displayed in kilometers and miles
  • Simple installation and wheel sensor
  • Maintenance reminder


  • A bit pricey.

Buying Guide for Motorcycle Speedometer:

Have you decided in the decision to buy your motorcycle an electronic speedometer? If so! If so, before you purchase, be sure that the speedometer you’re about to purchase comes with the following features.

Battery Timing

In the case of a charging device, this feature has the highest rating. Make sure whether the speedometer is running with good timing of the battery because it is essential for a speedometer that has more battery time when you go on an extended ride. So, the battery that is charged by the device will last until the motorbike ride is over.


The speedometer that you’re planning to purchase must have waterproof since, frequently, the speedometer can be damaged in moist environments such as rain or splashes of water. Before you purchase a speedometer, make sure it’s waterproof.

Speed Alarm

It is also important to verify whether your speedometer comes with an upgraded speed alarm to prevent accidents caused by speeding by reminding you to not overtake the speed limit that you set.

Time and Distance

When you purchase a speedometer be sure that it is equipped with the time system in place because some models are equipped with this feature. The system displays the time, lets you establish the time zone according to what you like, and has many other features. Make sure to pick the one that comes with this helpful system.

This feature is on top of the other features, and you’re going to understand the reason behind it. This feature will show you the number of miles you’ve been able to cover during your long journey.

Fuel Indicating

It isn’t a crucial option because it’s already included in the bike. Therefore, it is not much is required; however, you’ll only have to concentrate on one thing at a time and be able to see everything you need including time, fuel, and many more.

Final Words

Always try to buy the best motocross equipment on your dirt bike as often as you are able to. This is why getting anything less than the top dirt bike speedometer should not be an alternative.

  • Its simple user interface allows you to get all the necessary information in a short time. It’s just my opinion.

The speedo for dirt bike will allow you to determine the speed you are riding. A speedometer is crucial to ensure you are riding within the limits of speed. If your bike isn’t equipped with a speedometer, you’re likely to get a speeding ticket since you do not know the speed you’re traveling at.