Top 5 Motorcycle Oil Filters To Boost Efficiency

Top 5 Motorcycle Oil Filters to Boost Efficiency

The process of making a choice isn’t always easy, particularly when it comes down to buying appropriate equipment. However, don’t fret that we can understand your worries. Therefore, to make it simple for you, we’re providing you with in-depth best motorcycle oil filter reviews. 

Finding the most effective motorcycle oil filter isn’t always easy, particularly considering the numerous best motorcycle oil filter options that have entered the market over the past few years. Although most prefer the OEM filter for their specific motorcycle model Some aftermarket filters provide some performance gains and are also less expensive. 

Is it worth looking them up? In this article, I’ll present the best motorcycle oil filter models available for various kinds of bikes and oils, rating them from the top to the bottom. Following that, we’ll go a bit deeper into the characteristics that make up a quality oil filter. We hope to help you to select the right one to replace your motorcycle’s oil change. 

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Oil Filters:

1. Bosch 3300 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter:

Oil For Boosting Efficiency

Bosch 3300 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter for Select Chevrolet, Honda, Infiniti, Kia, Mazda, Nissan + More, Black

With the highest quality oil filter, Your motorcycle’s engine is guaranteed to be safe throughout the day. That’s the exact quality of service this product can provide. 

It comes with FilTech technology that allows it to remove more harmful contaminants than conventional filters. However, the housings and base plates are made from steel. This means that it has very little or no chance of being bent or leaky. 

You can be assured that it will remain closed at all times because of its seal with high lubricity. But, don’t worry, it is easy to remove by anyone. In addition, the engine of your bike is guaranteed to never run dry since it has a silicon-based valve to prevent unloading. 

Unfortunately, it’s the potential of melting when the engine is too hot. It could result in leaks of oil. Additionally, before purchasing, be sure that the product is the right size for your bike. As in many instances, it’s not in the manual that it’s. 


  • Features FilTech Technology 
  • 99 percent efficiency in the removal of contaminants 
  • Silicon is the material used in the anti-unload valve.


  • It’s not a good fit for the majority of motorbikes. 

2. K&N Oil Filters:

K&N Premium Oil Filter: Protects your Engine(Compatible with Select ALFA ROMEO/BUICK/CHEVROLET/DODGE Vehicle Models)

It is renowned for its fashionable affordable price, amazing quality, and superior design the KN-171 is one of the models made by K & N which beats every other model in its class. 

K&N Oil Filters are made of synthetic media that catches the majority of harmful contaminants, without impacting oil flow rates. The heavy-duty canister and base plate guard against punctures. The seal is double-rolled and the pre-lube gasket guarantees a tight seal. 

Another feature that is useful here is the anti-drain-back device that holds certain amounts of oil within the engine compartment but doesn’t let it seep into the pan after you shut off the bike. This prevents dry engine start-ups even though it hasn’t been used for a long time.  


  • Excellent build quality 
  • More efficient than OEM filters. Better than some OEM 
  • Works on a range of vehicles 


  • Quite expensive 

3. Mahle Original OC 575 Oil Filter:

MAHLE Original OC 575 Oil Filter

Mahle Original OC 575 Oil Filter, despite its modest and low cost, isn’t made to compromise quality. If it is fitted to your bike it’s not something to worry about with regards to the delivery. 

This model for vehicles is secure for your car engine due to its being constructed with a top-quality design. It has high-end pleated and embossed filtering media that can keep dirt out and retain it, as well as a low-pressure drop. 

It’s one of the least expensive on this list, however, it produces the highest quality results when you consider the build quality of walls, wall construction, and the fit. 

The product is characterized by its superior strength and durability due to the fact the wall is constructed of heavy-duty sheet metal including seaming, endplates, and seams. This prevents debris from damaging the casing. The valve for pressure relief helps ensure that your engine, as well as its components, are properly lubricated. 


  • Superior quality filter wall 
  • Will withstand pressures normal to normal 
  • Make sure that the engine is lubricated regularly 


  • To be changed at intervals of 1500-1700 miles. 

4. BMW Genuine Motorcycle Oil Filter:

BMW oil

Bmw Motorcycle Oil Filter

The brand name BMW is a well-known brand in the automotive sector in addition, the BMW Genuine Motorcycle Oil Filter a proof of their dependability and tested many years of knowledge. 

Offering all the great features and usefulness that top motorbike oil filters have become famous for, this model adds something unique and special to the marketplace. It begins with engine protection and durability, as well as compatibility and finally, durability. 

Through the course of his work, the technician will eliminate any contaminants, clean the air, trap and pull away dust from your oil and ensure that the engine of your vehicle is free of harm. 

The BMW is also equipped with a sturdy housing constructed of steel to ensure that the item is impervious to corrosion as well as extreme conditions, and won’t leak. Additionally, this oil filter is equipped with a replaceable crusher. 


  • Ensures dirt-free engine 
  • A well-constructed seal 
  • Eliminates leakage of oil 


  • It requires a filter wrench the installation 
  • Can’t resist dry starts 

5. Honda OEM Oil Filter:

honda AEM

Honda OEM Oil Filter HONDA(The Honda OEM Oil Filter is unlike any other filter)

While some prefer to go for an aftermarket oil filter many prefer OEM components for their bikes. 

Honda’s oil filters are no exception to this. They’re reasonably priced, constructed extremely well, and offer longevity of service thanks to high-quality PFE as well as a superb security mechanism. 

Also, ensure that you check whether the filter that you receive comes with its Honda logo on the side as well as the wording, since there are many fake items available, which are just aftermarket filters. 

 Another method to determine if the product is authentic or not is through the barcode sticker of Honda that is placed on the top when you receive it. 


  • Priced right for OEM part 
  • Good filtering properties 
  • Semi-synthetic filter media 


  • There are fake parts that look identical to it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding motorbike oil filtering: 

Q.1 What are the differences between motorcycle and car oil filters identical? 

It is possible to mount an oil filter for cars on a motorcycle, if the size is suitable, it is not recommended because you could cause damage to the engine. 

Q.2 What is the time it takes to change an engine oil filter? 

The replacement of the motorcycle oil filter process takes around 60 minutes. 

Q.3 Does the motorcycle’s oil filter have an assurance? 

A few, however, not all oil filter manufacturers provide warranties on their products. The warranty typically lasts up to 12 months. 


Final Words:

Since it’s for your motorcycle you’re aware of the things it needs to be the best. With the equipment you select for it, you can decide what it does. So, pick the top motorcycle oil filter that will show your bike’s best qualities.