Tommasini 53 cm | Street Bike, Biking Boards

Seeking to purchase Tommasini techno body and fork or entire bike. Worth can up or down accordingly. I’m 5’9” 150 lbs.with 30-31 inseam. Quill stem (most popular), chrome lugs most popular, I imagine a 53 cm body supplies a superb match. Your expertise is effectively regraded. I’m a leisure bicycle owner. I had a techno “Columbus el-os” and appreciated it however bought on account of monetary. May very well be a sintesi can be higher for me? I don’t give expertise with it. However possibly you do. Thanks to your recommendation. FYI. I journey a Colnago decor “Columbus el” with seat submit 54cm. c-t-c; prime tube measures 54 cm; outfitted with a 80mm stem. I don’t assume I need any greater however I would be capable to smaller. I used a brief stem as a result of I used to be making an attempt to make it spouse pleasant. The stand over for me appears to be pleased with just a bit little bit of house.

Let’s see what is available in!!