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The Top 5 Best Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle Helmets

If you are an avid motorcyclist who loves racing on the street and / or track, you will most likely know that safety must be your top priority.

In this guide we will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the types, functions and characteristics of this product in order to help you purchase the best full-face helmet currently on the market.

There are different types of full-face helmets, differentiated on the basis of their characteristics and the functions they are required to perform.

Driving at high speed on a track, for example, requires aerodynamic, silent and resistant helmets with solid eye protection, while to move around the city you can focus more on style and be more relaxed and less rigid on the issue of safety.

In the case of long-distance runs, however, it is possible to make driving better thanks to full-face helmets that can include radio and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as also be equipped with sun visors and extra padding.

Another interesting aspect to consider concerns the color and design. A matte black motorcycle with a matching helmet might seem like a very cool and stylish choice, but visibility suffers.

It is important to be visible, so it is good to choose a case with colors that stand out according to the traffic conditions in which we travel. Of course, the choice must also take into account the fit of the helmet. This implies choosing the product that best fits your head and makes you feel comfortable, without neck tension and with firm but comfortable padding. Having clarified the issues of safety, fit and color, it is good to keep in mind that ventilation is also important in choosing a helmet.

There are helmets capable of maintaining the right ventilation in the hot season as well as when it is cold and rainy.

Plus, the removable liners are another nice feature to keep an eye on.

At the same time, the best full-face helmets are those equipped with an anti-fog system, particularly suitable in very humid places.

Among the many difficulties you will encounter in choosing the model of the motorcycle helmet, you will also find yourself facing many brands, each with its own strengths, and you will be spoiled for choice. Precisely for this reason we want to present you the best brands of motorcycle helmets, so that you can have clearer ideas.

The 5 Best Brands of Motorcycle Helmets

#1. AGV

AGV is a company that was founded in 1847 and produces entirely made in Italy motorcycle helmets. This is synonymous with high quality, both in materials and in production, but also, and should not be underestimated, of assistance in Italian.

With years of experience, the AGV company has refined its processing techniques with technological innovations capable of improving safety and comfort.

To date, AGV sponsors the most famous MotoGP riders including Valentino Rossi and his helmets are made respecting these characteristics:

  • Structure ergonomic and compact
  • Shape designed to increase the rider’s field of vision
  • High- performance construction materials but at the same time resistant and safe
  • Increased breathability thanks to innovative ventilation systems
  • Aerodynamic appearance to decrease wind resistance

The models of AGV helmets are able to accommodate the needs of everyone, from beginners to the most experienced.

It starts with the basic, and economic model, AGV K3 designed for those who are just starting out and does not have too many pretensions, then it goes with the subsequent versions K4 and K5 remaining on an average level.

The top of the range, designed for expert drivers, is the AGV Corsa model, but also the AGV Pista GP, both have particularities and more detailed aspects and are qualitatively more performing.

Regarding the price we have:

  • First band: starting from approximately $150 for the basic model, AGV K3
  • High-end: we are over $1000 for top models such as AGV Corsa and AGV Pista GP

The price range as you can see is very wide, but, playing a bit of cunning, you can manage to get a well-made and sufficiently performing helmet without spending too much, choosing a dated design or in any case not the latest one.

Turning a blind eye to aesthetics, you can take home a good helmet, spending little, but having the certainty of maintaining high standards.

#2. Arai

The Arai brand is placed in the range of the most expensive helmets, they are certainly products reserved for professionals or those who do not mind expenses, but the quality standards are unmatched.

Arai helmets have been produced since 1937 and the well-known brand has focused its efforts on innovative technological improvements, for example, has devised a particular helmet release system in the event of an accident that allows rescuers to take it off in a few seconds.

Also, worth mentioning are the visors that are built in such a way that, during impact, they do not shatter, but are released, thus protecting the pilot from any cuts or injuries.

The internal linings are designed to ensure optimal breathability, they are soft and comfortable, whether you go on the track or on the road, during the summer these helmets reach maximum comfort.

The price, as mentioned at the beginning, is certainly not cheap, but the quality of the materials, the degree of protection and the state-of-the-art technologies implemented certainly repay the effort.

It starts from:

  • First price: we are about $500 for the basic model Chaser-V
  • Mid-range: for the RX-7 you get to spend around $1000.
  • High-end: for the most performing model of the range, the GP-6 RC, you can spend even more than $2000.

A brand that is not cheap, we have said, but certainly the best in circulation in terms of safety, quality of materials and comfort.

#3. Shark

French company, Shark has been producing helmets since 1986. It has very high quality and performance standards. Over the years it has dedicated its efforts to researching technological innovations capable of improving the product more and more.

In particular, the Shark company has focused on the qualitative aspect of the materials, managing to produce light but at the same time very resistant helmets.

The maximum can be reached with the carbon fiber helmet, the top for those who want 100% lightness and safety.

Among the Shark helmet models we mention the two best:

  • Vision-R – you can buy it staying under $400
  • Speed-R – made of carbon fiber, the cost rises slightly, we are around $450

As you can see, in this brand there are no cheap prices, the Shark helmets are therefore dedicated to an expert audience and who demand certain performances.

#4. Shoei

The Shoei brand was born in Japan in 1958. Right from the start it focused its attention on customer satisfaction, who should be pleasantly surprised by the comfort when wearing a helmet.

Many efforts have therefore been made to improve the internal part and in particular have focused on the breathability and ventilation of the internal materials, limiting perspiration as much as possible.

Attention has also been given to the outer part of the helmet, with the use of materials resistant to even the most violent impacts, with aerodynamic windbreak shapes that reduce noise and friction.

The price of Shoei helmets are relatively high, or rather, there are few models to choose from in the low price range, while the number rises among the top of the range:

  • First price: it starts from around $200 for the Shoei Multitec model
  • Mid-range: for the Shoei GT Air model you spend around $500
  • High-end: you get to spend $700 for the Shoei X-Spirit 2 model and we are around $800 for the X-Spirit 3 model.

#5. Suomy

The Suomy brand is the youngest compared to those we have covered so far. It was born in 1997 and the production takes place entirely in Italy.

Despite being on the market for a few years, the Suomy company has reached a prominent position by receiving appreciation and positive judgments from industry experts.

The strength of Suomy helmets lies in the quality of the materials, resistant, safe and light, and in the comfort of the particularly ergonomic interiors.

As for the price, the Suomy company is able to satisfy all budgets.

It starts from:

  • First price: it starts from around $150 to get the Vandal and Halo models, basic models
  • Mid-range: in this range we place the Apex model whose price ranges from $200 to $300 based on the chosen fantasy
  • High-end: the highest price is reserved for the top of the range, the SR Sport model, the best in terms of performance and safety.

These we have described are the models that we consider best, however there are many other brands on the market such as : Airoh, Guzzi, Ducati, Blauer, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Uvex, O’Neal, Honda Kabuto, BMW, Scorpion, Yam, Premier, Vemar and many more.

#6. Bonus - Women's Motorcycle Helmets

When a woman buys a motorcycle helmet, the needs are slightly different. If indeed the safety aspect remains the same, both the choice of size and the aesthetic one are different.

In the latter case a lot is left to personal taste, in general women love bright colors, flashy and sometimes witty designs or that recall cartoons. However, there are women who prefer more masculine decorations.

As for the size, therefore the comfort while wearing the helmet, it must be borne in mind that often the woman has long hair that must necessarily find its place under the helmet.

When a woman chooses a helmet, the size should be slightly more comfortable, a men’s size will not match a women’s size.

Another variable that has to deal with long hair is the closure. With interlocking ones, for example, the hair could get stuck, so it is better to lean towards those with a double ring.

The most suitable model for women is the modular one, generally wider and more comfortable.

Safety of Motorcycle Helmets

When choosing a motorcycle helmet, one of the mandatory parameters to be followed is the degree of safety.

The degree of safety is obtained only through accurate and specific tests. A British government agency, Sharp, has carried out safety tests on the best-selling motorcycle helmet brands and has compiled a ranking so that it can be used as a reference during the purchase.

The English agency also reminds that, during the purchase, the first thing to evaluate is the size.

A size that is too large and does not adhere perfectly to the head will cancel even the highest degree of safety.

To be of the right size, the helmet must adhere well to the ears and cheekbones, it must keep the head still but at the same time it must be comfortable, therefore not too tight.

What are the top five motorcycle helmets? Looking for women's motor cycle helmets? We have some great suggestions for you


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