The 5 Most Durable and Safe Motorcycle Helmet Locks

The 5 Most Durable and Safe Motorcycle Helmet Locks

To identify the best Bike Helmet Locks we weighed the following aspects such as locks’ type, the ability to move, the materials used, the locking mechanism and weather-proof. We looked at the most well-known options such as cable locks and solid locks. We placed special emphasis on locks made of steel. 

We also considered the mechanism that locks and whether it was locked with a key and whether the lock might scratch your helmet or bike or even provide weather resistance. Read on to find out more about the other Bike Helmet Locks in our top choices. 

In a low-cost but high-quality carabiner Bike Helmet Locks, with a cable of six feet and a three-digit tumbler lock gives you confidence knowing that the helmet you purchased will be safe at the time you return. 

Top 5 Most Durable Motorcycle Helmet Locks

1. Little World Rubberized Helmet Lock Heavy Duty

thumbnail lock

Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable, Heavy Duty Universal Combination Lock Cable Caribeaner Lock Motorcycle Security PIN Locking Chain for Bike Helmet, Jacket, Cabinets & Luggage

If you’re worried about not being capable of securing your helmet to your bike and quickly attach it to your bike using a cable lock, it’s the best option. We love this carabiner the helmet locks by Little World because, in addition to the large mouth carabiner there’s also the long, coiled cable of six feet to allow you to attach it to the bike from a vast variety of places. 

We love the fact that it’s a tumbler lock with three numbers, so you won’t need to carry keys around to carry around. Just set your 3-digit pin code and head out on the road. The basic design of the lock makes it a suitable choice for a variety of bikes, and it’s also portable to allow you to transport it around while you’re out on the road. 


  • The best value for money Digital tumbler 
  • lock PVC coating that is weather-resistant 


  • Carabiner isn’t coated to protect scratching on the surface. 

2. Biker's Choice Helmet Lock

biker choice

Bikers Choice Helmet Lock 74937S2

A lock mounted with chrome plating that is easy to put in and is put in many locations on your motorcycle and works with a variety of models. 

Some people aren’t keen to take a helmet lock on their person everywhere they go. We get it as it’s yet another thing to take or leave behind. If that happens Biker’s choice Helmet Lock is an excellent alternative. This is a locked that is mounted that was made to work the widest range of motorcycles. 

Because of its design, it is possible to mount it in various locations. But, during our study we noticed that it was a bit heavy to mount on the handlebars of a lot of motorcycles. 

We did appreciate the fact that this lock is equipped with tamper-proof screws. It’s designed to be keyed, so all you need to take on the road is the keys. The sleek chrome finish makes this lock an appealing option for any motorcycle. 


  • Screws with Tamper-proofing included 
  • Easy to install.  
  • Quick key lock style. 


  • Might be too big for the handlebar mount 

3. Rocky Creek Helmetlok Rubberized Motorcycle Helmet Lock


Helmetlok 4104 Carabiner Style Helmet Lock and Extension Black

Simple carabiner-style helmet clip lock that has an eight-digit combination lock as well as an open mouth that opens outward that can accommodate a range of things. 

Clips for helmets that look like carabiners have become very popular due to reasons. They’re efficient and transport-friendly. You’ll also can choose more combination pins select than other locks on our carabiner guide that offer only three pin combination locks. 

In addition to the greater pins, we loved that the lock comes with an exterior with a rubberized. This means that you’ll not have to worry about the life span of your lock maintained as well, but you don’t have to be concerned that the lock’s carabiner will scratch the helmet of your motorcycle. 

You’ll also love the large mouth lock that opens to allow for larger items. The helmet will allow you to be safe on your motorcycle throughout the season. When it comes to safety It is crucial to wear the most appropriate motorcycle gloves when riding. 


  • Largest selection of pin options for increased security.
  • Wide lock mouth design 
  • Exterior of rubberized, waterproof. 


  • Ships with no flexible cable 

4. BigPantha Motorcycle Helmet Lock and Cable


Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable. Sleek Black Tough Combination PIN Locking Carabiner Device Secures Your Motorbike, Bicycle or Scooter Crash Hat (and Jacket) to Your Bike

A fully-coated, heavy-duty carabiner handlebar helmet lock that comes with a durable six-foot cable that offers complete protection against scratches. It also has a mouth opening large enough to accommodate larger objects. 

As you’ve seen in our article, carabiner style locks are popular due to their multi-functional. Particularly, we love the BigPantha as our Top Quality selection because the BigPantha is not just a traditional carabiner, but it’s among the few that accommodate the handlebar helmet lock. The BigPantha also has an extended six-foot corded cord. 

What sets this different from our top Pick is the lock is fully rubberized design that will prevent scratches and scrapes on your helmet or bike as well as inside the lock itself. In addition, the huge opening of the carabiner lock was made to fit large items such as jackets or bags. 


  • Large mouth opening for greater versatility 
  • Rubberized protective sleeve 
  • It is also great to secure jackets 


  • The pin code could accidentally reset 

5. Guami Motorcycle Helmet Lock


GUAIMI Motorcycle Helmet Lock Anti-Theft Helmet Security Lock Compatible with Twins Bonneville Thruxton Scrambler-Black

A low-profile steel and aluminum mounted lock specially made for specific Yamaha motorcycle models. It comes with two keys. 

If you have an Yamaha motorbike and searching for a helmet lock that is mounted specifically designed for your motorcycle, then this lock mounted from Guami is a fantastic choice. 

It’s great the fact that this lock is simple to set up and includes instructions as well as two keys. It’s also possible to use this helmet to go for a ride on your favorite pit bike. And if your kids are riding 4 wheelers with kids the helmet can be a good safety item for their safety. 


  • Sturdy steel and aluminum construction 
  • Design that is easy to install 
  • Key lock includes two keys 


  • Only fits select Yamaha 

Buyer's Guide :

The Most Important Features to Consider 

Lock Type

Most likely, you’ll see two lock types that are commonly used for your helmet for motorcycles that are cables locks and solid locks. Cable locks are made of a flexible cable, which typically is braided and includes an internal locking cylinder and a central locking cylinder. Although they are easy to use, they tend to be heavier. 


Some helmet locks are created to be permanently connected to your motorcycle, while others are designed to be carried along. The best type for you will be determined by the style you like. 


The metal helmet lock is the strongest alternative available. Other features such as improved or heat-treated steel are also beneficial since they’ll extend the life of the lock. 

Locking Mechanism

Do you prefer locks that require an individual number to open, or do you prefer a traditional key lock? It’s all subject to your individual preferences. 

Final Words :

Finally, if you’re someone who regularly rides regardless of the weather, then you’ll have been concerned about your ability to withstand the extreme conditions of weather. 

Although the Bike Helmet Locks featured in our list are constructed out of steel or a combination however, not all are specifically designed to protect your bike’s finish. We believe that it is important to choose the Best Quality and #3 picks are the best choices for those who are concerned about your motorcycle.