Summit Indoors |

So, with Spencer digging the indoor stuff, I actually considered making these two race weekends. You understand, one foot sort of stuff right here. There appears to be a whole lot of following up that manner and I’ve learn to the place it appears quite a bit have time at Summit, so just a few questions?

  • How does the Friday and Saturday schedules work? With the hole between observe time and mains on Saturday, it leads me to consider there are warmth races on Saturday and also you simply run mains on Friday…???
  • When does pre-registration open up? I assume the week of?
  • Are you allowed to carry campers and keep on the grounds for the period or do you need to depart the grounds every day Thursday-Saturday?

We acquired a methods and determine somebody would have posted one thing main as much as it, however you already know me, I like to plan to race, and so forth. though execution lacks a tad…