SBK FP2 – Halliday nonetheless on prime, Waters strikes as much as P2

ASBK 2023

Spherical Two – Sydney Motorsport Park

Superbike FP2

A few tiny spots of precipitation, not even sufficient to make something moist, had fell sporadically within the lead as much as the second 30-minute observe session this afternoon at Sydney Motorsport Park. Simply when it seemed as if it could stay nice, some correct drizzle began falling simply because the Superbikes had been warming up in pit-lane… Fortunately although, it solely fell for round 60-seconds earlier than stopping once more.

Cru Halliday proved that the monitor situations had been nonetheless fairly good when he dropped in a 1m30.014 on his first flying lap. Max Stauffer was one of many first riders to enhance from FP1, {the teenager} placing in a 1m31.868 however nonetheless approach off the 1m30.453 he recorded right here throughout testing early final month.

Mike Jones was the primary rider on this session to dip into the 1m29s, a 1m29.987 on his first flyer.

Josh Waters and McMartin Racing had been making an attempt just a few modifications within the opening session that didn’t fairly work out however they confirmed they had been again heading in the right direction this afternoon with Josh placing in a 1m29.942 on his first lap to prime the session with 20-minutes remaining on the clock, he then instantly bettered it with a 1m29.849.

Arthur Sissis was on the enhance, dropping nearly two-seconds from his FP1 time, all the way down to 1m31.138.

There was little motion throughout the center of the session till Cru Halliday once more laid down one other scorcher that nearly matched his 1m29.496 from this morning, a 1m29.540 his greatest time this afternoon to additional underline his potential right here this weekend.

Bryan Staring then bought up to the mark, a 1m30.615 on the brand new MotoGO Yamaha. Arthur Sissis then improved once more to take a seat simply behind Staring, a 1m30.643.

Mike Jones then put his greatest time of the day in, a 1m29.807 on his twelfth lap of the session.

Josh Waters dropped the hammer with a minute left within the session, enhancing to 1m29.744 to go P2 on this session and in addition break up the YRT males on mixed instances.

There will likely be loads of riders scratching their heads and fairly pissed off right here this afternoon. Troy Herfoss was two-tenths slower this afternoon than he was this morning, and a second off his greatest right here throughout the take a look at. Broc Pearson is 2.5-seconds slower than he was right here early final month and it seemed as if the DesmoSport Ducati was being turned the other way up between these periods. Max Stauffer is a second off his earlier greatest.

The ultimate 30-minute Free Observe session is scheduled to get underway at 1640 this afternoon, forward of Superbike Qualifying which is slated for a 2015 begin. If the forecast is to be believed, will probably be a miracle if it remainds dry for qualifying this night.  The opening 13-lap Superbike race is anticipated to begin at 1620 on Saturday afternoon.

Superbike FP2/Mixed Outcomes

Pos Rider Bike FP1 FP2 Greatest/Time
1 Cru HALLIDAY Yamaha R1-M 1m29.496 1m29.540 1m29.496
2 Josh WATERS Ducati V4R 1m30.548 1m29.744 1m29.744
3 Mike JONES Yamaha R1-M 1m29.875 1m29.807 1m29.807
4 Bryan STARING Yamaha R1M 1m31.386 1m30.615 1m30.615
5 Arthur SISSIS Yamaha YZF-R1 1m33.074 1m30.643 1m30.643
6 Troy HERFOSS Honda CBR RR 1m30.820 1m31.034 1m30.820
7 Glenn ALLERTON BMW M RR 1m31.200 1m31.062 1m31.062
8 Ted COLLINS BMW M RR 1m32.196 1m31.350 1m31.350
9 Max STAUFFER Yamaha R1 1m32.538 1m31.583 1m31.583
10 Broc PEARSON Ducati V4 R 1m32.655 1m32.719 1m32.655
11 Matt WALTERS Aprilia RSV4 1m33.819 1m33.255 1m33.255
12 Paris HARDWICK Kawasaki ZX10R 1m36.331 1m34.188 1m34.188
13 Josh SODERLAND Ducati V4R 1m34.349 1m34.584 1m34.349
14 Scott ALLARS Yamaha R1 1m35.600 1m34.689 1m34.689
15 Leanne NELSON Kawasaki ZX10R 1m35.561 1m35.717 1m35.561
16 Michael KEMP Yamaha YZF-R1 1m37.534 1m35.636 1m35.636
17 Dominic DE LEON Kawasaki ZX10R 1m36.344 1m36.014 1m36.014
18 Nicholas MARSH  Yamaha R1M 1m37.136 1m37.933 1m37.136


Supersport FP2

Sean Condon once more set the tempo within the second Supersport session, solely Jack Passfield managed to get inside half-a-second of Condon, who on this area can actually be described as a veteran.

Jake Farnsworth completed third regardless of a tumble at flip 9.

Jake Farnsworth finished third despite a tumble at turn nine. - Image RbMotoLens
Jake Farnsworth completed third regardless of a tumble at flip 9. – Picture RbMotoLens

Supersport FP2/Mixed Outcomes

Pos Rider Bike FP1 FP2 Greatest/Time
1 Sean CONDON  Yamaha YZF-R6 1m33.276 1m32.958 1m32.958
2 Jack PASSFIELD  Yamaha YZF-R6 1m34.251 1m33.410 1m33.410
3 Jake FARNSWORTH Yamaha YZF-R6 1m35.053 1m34.056 1m34.056
4 Ty LYNCH Yamaha YZF-R6 1m34.652 1m34.154 1m34.154
5 Olly SIMPSON Yamaha YZF-R6 1m35.806 1m34.403 1m34.403
6 John LYTRAS Yamaha YZF-R6 1m35.148 1m34.420 1m34.420
7 Dallas SKEER Yamaha YZF-R6 1m35.658 1m34.737 1m34.737
8 Tom BRAMICH Yamaha YZF-R6 1m35.086 1m35.008 1m35.008
9 Hayden NELSON Yamaha YZF-R6 1m35.901 1m35.129 1m35.129
10 Jonathan NAHLOUS Yamaha YZF-R6 1m37.413 1m35.239 1m35.239
11 Cameron DUNKER Yamaha YZF-R6 1m35.273 1m35.250 1m35.250
12 Luca DURNING Yamaha YZF-R6 1m35.869 1m35.339 1m35.339
13 Scott NICHOLSON Yamaha YZF-R6 1m36.744 1m35.488 1m35.488
14 Tarbon WALKER Yamaha YZF-R6 1m36.381 1m35.984 1m35.984
15 Glenn NELSON Yamaha YZF-R6 1m38.415 1m36.009 1m36.009
16 Jack FAVELLE Honda CBR RR 1m37.555 1m36.043 1m36.043
17 Reece OUGHTRED Yamaha YZF-R6 1m36.969 1m36.284 1m36.284
18 Luke SANDERS Yamaha YZF-R6 1m37.496 1m36.732 1m36.732
19 Noel MAHON Yamaha YZF-R6 1m37.975 1m37.339 1m37.339
20 Hunter FORD Kawasaki ZX6 1m38.716 1m37.420 1m37.420
21 Simone BOLDRINI Yamaha YZF-R6 1m37.549 1m38.244 1m37.549
22 Jake SENIOR Yamaha YZF-R6 1m40.539 1m38.243 1m38.243
23 Ben BAKER Yamaha YZF-R6 1m39.603 1m38.409 1m38.409
24 Declan CARBERRY Suzuki GSXR 1m39.742 1m38.922 1m38.922
25 Mitch SIMPSON Yamaha YZF-R6 1m41.317 1m39.264 1m39.264
26 Brendan WILSON Yamaha YZF-R6 1m40.601 1m39.820 1m39.820
27 Cameron PRENTICE Yamaha YZF-R6 1m41.109 / 1m41.109

Supersport 300 / R3 Cup FP2/Mixed Outcomes

Pos Rider Class Bike FP1 FP2 Greatest/Time
1 Cameron SWAIN  R3 YZF-R3 1m44.003 1m44.663 1m44.003
2 Jai RUSSO  R3 YZF-R3 1m44.923 1m44.228 1m44.228
3 Brandon DEMMERY R3 YZF-R3 1m44.518 1m44.538 1m44.518
4 Luke JHONSTON R3 YZF-R3 1m45.936 1m44.929 1m44.929
5 Joshua NEWMAN SSP300 Ninja 1m46.256 1m45.085 1m45.085
6 Brodie GAWITH  R3 YZF-R3 1m46.246 1m45.192 1m45.192
7 Casey MIDDLETON  SSP300 Ninja 1m46.431 1m45.221 1m45.221
8 Henry SNELL R3 YZF-R3 1m45.472 1m45.784 1m45.472
9 Cooper ROWNTREE  R3 YZF-R3 1m45.758 1m45.915 1m45.758
10 Marcus HAMOD R3 YZF-R3 1m45.864 1m45.773 1m45.773
11 Lincoln KNIGHT R3 YZF-R3 1m47.323 1m46.212 1m46.212
12 Ryan LARKIN R3 YZF-R3 1m47.350 1m46.323 1m46.323
13 Tara MORRISON SSP300 Ninja 1m49.546 1m46.390 1m46.390
14 Jordy SIMPSON R3 YZF-R3 1m49.962 1m46.573 1m46.573
15 Sam PEZZETTA  R3 YZF-R3 1m46.899 1m46.961 1m46.899
16 Harrison WATTS  R3 YZF-R3 1m49.231 1m47.111 1m47.111
17 Valentino KNEZOVIC R3 YZF-R3 1m47.262 1m47.171 1m47.171
18 Calvin MOYLAN SSP300 Ninja 1m47.204 1m48.047 1m47.204
19 Steve SFORZIN SSP300 Ninja 1m47.448 1m49.477 1m47.448
20 Brock QUINLAN SSP300 Ninja 1m47.777 1m48.549 1m47.777
21 Abbie CAMERON R3 YZF-R3 1m49.990 1m49.059 1m49.059
22 Daley MILLS SSP300 Ninja 1m49.164 1m50.512 1m49.164
23 Will NASSIF R3 YZF-R3 1m51.034 1m50.768 1m50.768
24 William HUNT R3 YZF-R3 1m52.367 1m51.253 1m51.253
25 Ryder GILBERT R3 YZF-R3 1m52.786 1m52.334 1m52.334

OJC FP2 Outcomes


Superbike Masters


Friday twenty fourth March
Time Class Occasion Length
930 950 Riders Briefing (SSP300, OJC, Masters) B1 20 minutes
1000 1020 Riders Briefing (SBK, SSP) B2 20 minutes
1100 1125 Supersport FP1 25 minutes
1130 1150 SSP300 / R3 cUP FP1 20 minutes
1155 1225 Superbike FP1 30 minutes
1230 1245 bLU cRU FP1 15 minutes
1250 1305 Superbike Masters FP1 15 minutes
1310 1335 Supersport FP2 25 minutes
1335 1405 ASBK TV Observe Time – Drinks Break 30 minutes
1405 1410 Superbike FP2 30 minutes
1440 1500 SSP300 / R3  Cup FP2 20 minutes
1505 1520 Superbike Masters FP2 15 minutes
1525 1540 bLU cRU FP2 15 minutes
1545 1610 Supersport Q1 25 minutes
1615 1635 SSP300 / R3 Cup Q1 20 minutes
1640 1710 Superbike FP3 30 minutes
1720 1735 bLU cRU Q1 15 minutes
1740 1755 Superbike Masters Q 15 minutes
1755 1900 Dinner – ASBK Pillion Rides 65 minutes
Evening Classes
1900 1920 SSP300 / R3 Cup Q2 20 minutes
1925 1950 Supersport Q2 25 minutes
1955 2010 bLU cRU Q2 15 minutes
2015 2035 Superbike Q1 25 minutes
2045 2100 Superbike Q2 15 minutes
2100 2110 ASBK TV & Media Interviews ASBK TV 10 minutes
2110 2135 SSP300 / R3 Cup R1 20 minutes
2140 2200 bLU cRU R1 6 Laps
2205 2220 Superbike Masters R1 6 Laps
Saturday twenty fifth March
Time Class Occasion Length
1400 1405 bLU cRU WUP 5 minutes
1410 1415 Supersport WUP 5 minutes
1420 1430 Superbike WUP 10 minutes
1435 1440 SSP300 /  R3 Cup WUP 5 minutes
1445 1450 Superbike Masters WUP 5 minutes
1450 1510 ASBK Pillion Rides – Drinks Break 20 minutes
1510 1530 bLU cRU R2 6 Laps
1540 1610 Supersport R1 11 Laps
1620 1655 Superbike R1 13 Laps
1705 1730 SSP300 / R3 Cup R2 8 Laps
1740 1755 Superbike Masters R2 6 Laps
1755 1930 Dinner – ASBK Pitlane Stroll 95 minutes
Evening Races
1930 1950 bLU cRU R3 6 Laps
2000 2030 Supersport R2 11 Laps
2040 2105 SSP00  R3 8 Laps
2115 2150 Superbike R2 13 Laps
2200 2215 Superbike Masters R3 6 Laps

2023 ASBK Calendar

2023 ASBK Calendar
Spherical Circuit Location Date
R1 Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit VIC Feb 24-26
R2 Sydney Motorsports Park NSW Mar 24-25
R3 Queensland Raceway QLD Apr 28-30
R4 Hidden Valley Raceway NT Jun 16-18
R5 Morgan Park Raceway QLD Jul 14-16
R6 Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit VIC Oct 27-29
R7 The Bend Motorsport Park SA Dec 1 – 3