sanity test on finest wax and preserve a sequence

im pretty new to this and did a primary wax on my chain about 200 or so miles in the past and only in the near past rewaxed it.

accustomed to the strategies spelled out by outfits like silca, i exploit their secret chain wax.

my first take was on an already run-in chain, so i skipped the mineral spirits soak – however the chain had by no means seen water apart from earlier degreasing/rinsing and making use of drip lube kind of upkeep.

for the rewax, i boiled the chain that eliminated an honest quantity of current wax after which i force-air dried it and rewaxed for 30 min till the wax simply began to solidify on the floor of the bathtub.

questioning if i’m doing it accurately, or if it’s laborious to get it incorrect ?

when accomplished, there seems to be good penetration within the chain, hyperlinks are inflexible and need to be damaged in by using.

am questioning if i may pull the chain ahead of the solidification level of the wax, to shake off extra liquid wax in order that prep/cleanup for set up on the bike is much less messy and fewer time consuming … i spent a few 1/2 hr or so poking strong wax out of the areas between hyperlinks and dismissing extra wax on rollers and hyperlink plates in order to attenuate wax flakes going everywhere in the drivetrain, body, rear wheel