Pogo Seat Adjustment ~ Using Classic

Final time I took my panhead as much as the mountains, I had issues with the seat bottoming out when driving by the twisties and hitting bumps.  Now that I’ve added auxiliary lights beneath the seat, I am extra involved about bottoming out.  Earlier than I purchase a set of stiffer springs, I believed I’d strive tightening the present springs to see what distinction that makes.

To tighten the springs, you first should take away the seat put up meeting.  Pull the seat pin and flip the seat ahead to get it out of the way in which.  Then look beneath the bike and discover the 7/8″ nut that holds the underside of the meeting in place.  It is known as the put up clamp nut.

Take away the nut and use a rubber mallet to faucet the top of the seat put up meeting up by the seat put up tube.  As soon as the meeting is free, pull it straight up out of the body tube.

Now you may have a greasy seat put up meeting, prepared to regulate.  Be sure to have a spot prepared in your bench the place you’ll be able to set it down and never get grease in all places.

On the decrease finish of the meeting there are 4 totally different nuts for both making changes or locking them in place.

To tighten the springs, you may want to regulate the 7/8″ nut that’s up in opposition to the springs.  Use a 9/16″ wrench to carry the shaft regular with the decrease lock nut.  Having a skinny 7/8″ wrench will make this half a lot simpler.

 As soon as the changes are completed, tighten down the lock nuts and reinstall the meeting.  Be certain that to notice that there’s a flat facet on the decrease rod nut that matches right into a flat spot on the underside of the seat put up body tube.  This retains the whole meeting from twisting, so it is necessary to ensure it’s seated appropriately within the body.  The final steps are to tighten the seat put up clamp nut, fold down the seat and pop the seat pin again in.