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Motorcycle Dash Cams

Get rid of that GoPro helmet cam setup that you always forget to turn on and off and install a dedicated motorcycle dash camera that is totally automated. It turns on by itself, the memory card never gets full, the battery never runs out and you have a dual front & rear camera system on your motorcycle that is always recording while you are riding.

Take a look below and compare the various models to help you decide which motorcycle camera system is right for you and your bike, ATV or all-terrain vehicle.

Top 4 Moto Dash Cams of 2021:

#4. BlueSky Sea DV688 Motorcycle Dash Cams

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With the popularity of car dash cameras rising, we have seen an increase in dash cam manufactures. BlueSky sea started selling mid-range some time ago and have been also selling motorcycle cameras as well.

The DV688 has been a popular budget motorcycle camera for many, as it offers full 1080p video on both the front and rear cameras, giving you full video coverage around your bike. Using a Sony image sensor, it has good night time recording capabilities or good “night vision” video.

BlueSky sea’s DV688 does not have WI-FI or the ability for you to remotely connect to the camera unit with your phone. All moto cam settings need to be done directly on the main camera unit using the 2.35-inch display, so it should be located in somewhat of an accessible area on your bike. There is, however, a “remote control” that is really a small wired box that you can press a button on that will lock/save the current video file or take a picture, which could be mounted on your handle’s bars for quick and easy access.

If you want WI-FI, the BlueSky sea DV526 has built-in WI-FI for connecting your phone to the camera using their app.

How does the DV688 compare to the BlueSky sea DV128, BlueSky sea DV128 or BlueSky sea DV526?

The DV526, DV128 and the DV688 models all use a Sony Image sensor, which are known for their crisp day and night time video footage, while the DV188 uses a lesser known JX-H61 image sensor. The DV526 has a smaller lens and of 110 degrees, while the other models have a wider lens angle of 130°.

The DV688 camera system can be used on a large touring bike like a Honda Goldwing or a smaller racing style motorcycle.


  • Uses Sony Image Sensor
  • Fully waterproof
  • Dual moto cam
  • Mid-range price


  • Plastic casing, less durable
  • No Wi-Fi for remote connectivity

Blueskysea DV688 Specs

  • 1080p HD Video @ 30FPS (Front & Rear)
  • Sony IMX323 image sensor
  • 128GB microSD card capacity
  • Allwinner V3 processor
  • 35″ LCD Screen
  • 130° Lens Angle
  • GPS (with optional module)
  • Capacitor or Battery: Battery

#3. VSYSTO Motorcycle Dash Cam

VSYSTO Motorcycle Dash Cam

With their wide range of dash cams for cars, big rig trucks and motorcycles, VSYSTO has the experience for on the road cameras.

The VSYSTO motorcycle camera is a dual channel setup with 2 cameras that shoots 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second and uses a Sony IMX323 image sensor for good day and night video quality. Both of the cameras have a wide 170-degree field of view, which adds up to a nearly 360-degree dash cam view.

The two cameras for the front and rear of your bike are both waterproof as well as the actual camera unit itself, which features a 4.5-inch display that is scratch proof. On the screen you can view and delete videos, along with making setting changes.

With its built in WI-FI you can remotely link up to the VSYSTO cam to download videos directly on to your phone to post on YouTube and other sites. This feature is also helpful after a crash or accident where you need to send video over to your insurance company.

The motorcycle cam is completely waterproof, so both cameras and the main camera body unit can be left on the motorcycle when not in use. Having it wired in to your motorcycle will allow it to start and stop recording as you turn your bike on and off. This is far better than having motorcycle helmet cam like a GoPro that might shut off during riding because of a low battery or a full memory card. The VSYSTO camera uses what’s called “loop recording” and saves small 5-minutes video clips. Once your memory card is full (hours of footage), it will start recording over the oldest 5 minutes video files.

With the included GPS module, you can keep logs of your latest rides and share them with friends.


  • Wide 170° lens angle
  • Fully waterproof
  • Uses a capacitor (good for high heat)
  • Built-In Wi-Fi fore remote connectivity


  • Priced higher than other models
  • Not as rugged as higher end models

VSYSTO Motorcycle Dash Cam Specs

  • 1080p HD Video @ 30FPS (Front & Rear)
  • 170° Lens Angle
  • Mstar MSC8328P (MTK) Processor
  • 5″ LCD Display
  • 128GB microSD Memory Capacity
  • Wi-Fi, built-in
  • GPS, with included module
  • Battery or Capacitor: Capacitor

#2. INNOVV K2 Dual Moto Dash Cam

The K2 Motorcycle Dash Cam is made by INNOVV who is known for their high-end motorcycle camera systems. The first thing you will notice on the K2 and other INNOVV products when you take it out of the box is its heavy-duty all aluminum dvr body and camera lens casings. Although this adds a bit more weight than some of the other plastic motorcycle dvr systems, the all-aluminum casing is far more durable and worth the slight weight difference.

The K2 shoots in 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second on both the front and rear cameras.

What sets the K2 dual dash cam setup apart from some of the other moto cams is that the entire unit is fully waterproof, including the camera/dvr box, the brains of the camera system. Many other motorcycle dash cams have waterproof cameras, but the main unit is not water proof or made for all weather.

The main box where the processor and memory card are does not have an LCD screen. All of the main K2 settings can be changed on your smartphone. By downloading the free INNOVV app you can remotely connect to the K2 via Wi-Fi on your phone or tablet. Along with changing the settings, you can directly download and view videos on your phone.

INNOVV includes a GPS model with the K2 that will allow you to log your routes and trips on a map that can be shared with others through their APP. If you don’t want this feature, you don’t have to install/plug-in the GPS module.

Parking Mode is an option on the K2, which can monitor your bike when you are away. It will begin recording is there is a major impact or movement from the bike. You should use an external battery pack for this feature.


  • Fully waterproof system
  • Rugged aluminum casing
  • Dual camera system
  • Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Smaller 120° lens angle
  • Priced higher than most

INNOVV K2 Motorcycle Cam Specs

  • 1080p HD Video @ 30FPS (Front & Rear)
  • SONY EXMOR Image Sensor
  • 120° Lens Angle
  • 256GB microSD Card Capacity
  • GPS Module
  • WI-FI, Built-In
  • Novatek NT96663 Processor
  • No internal battery/capacitor, uses moto battery

#1. THINKWARE Sports M1 Dash Cam

Our number one pick for best motorcycle dash cam in 2020 is the M1!

THINKWARE has been putting out high end dash cams for cars now for a number of years and now they have released their camera setup for motorcycles.

The M1 Motorsports is a dual cam setup with front and rear cameras that plug into the main unit where the processor and memory card are. Both cameras record 1080p HD video and use a 2.13MP Sony STARVIS image sensor. This is a popular image sensor on car dash cams and provides great night vision or after dark video quality as well as crisp day time video. THINKWARE uses advanced electronic image stabilization (EIS) to give you smoother video if you’re riding on bumpy dirt roads or have a more rigid suspension.

The entire motorcycle camera system is waterproof, so you are able to record in all weather and leave the cameras permanently installed on your bike, giving you a true “Set It and Forget It” camera setup that you don’t get with a helmet cam.

While most other motorcycle dashcams that offer GPS require that you use an external GPS module that needs to be mounted on your bike and then plugged into the main camera unit, the M1 has the GPS antenna built right into the main unit, freeing up more space on your bike.

Also built-in to the THINKWARE M1 cam is WI-FI, allowing you to remotely connect to the M1 with your phone. After you download the free iOS or Android THINKWARE app you can save videos on to your phone or tablet and make dash cam setting changes. Because the M1 does not have a screen, you will need to do this in order to set the camera up.

Overall, we think that the THINKWARE M1 is the best high-end motorcycle dash cam on the market today for its good video quality, durable build, built-in WI-FI and GPS and the trusted name of THINKWARE in the dash cam field.


  • Uses capacitor, better for high heats
  • Built in Wi-Fi & GPS, rather than addon module
  • Fully waterproof
  • Rugged body and design


  • More expensive than low end models

THINKWARE Motorcycle Dash Cam Specs

  • 1080p HD Video @ 30FPS (Front & Rear)
  • Sony STARVIS image sensors
  • 140° Lens angle
  • 128GB microSD Memory Capacity
  • Wi-Fi, built-in
  • GPS, built-in
  • iOS and Android APP
  • Capacitor based power

Things to Know About Motorcycle Dash Cams


Why a Motorcycle Dash Cam is Better Than a GoPro

A dedicated motorcycle dash cam system has many benefits over a motorcycle helmet cam, either a GoPro or other brand of action camera. Here are some of the advantages:

  • The battery never runs out and you never have to charge it.
  • It comes with a rear camera, so you can get footage from behind, which is especially helpful if someone rear-ends you

Most dedicated motorcycle dash cams have a wider field of view or lens angle than a GoPro or action cam, allowing you to capture more of the front and back of the road. Some dual channel motorcycle cameras have 170+ degree lens angle, giving you nearly a 360-degree view

Average Price of a Motorcycle Camera Setup

Most motorcycle camera systems range from around $100 to just over $400. Many motorcycle cameras today are usually sold as a “dual channel” setup, meaning that there are 2 camera lenses for the front and rear of your bike that are wired to the main camera unit. Because of this, they are a bit pricier to manufacture than a traditional single lens dash cam made for your car.

Battery Life of Motorcycle Dash Cam

Motorcycle dash cams are not meant to be powered by themselves. A big misconception with dash cams is their battery. Dash cams either have a battery or a capacitor (in rare cases no battery/capacitor at all like the INNOVV K2). The only purpose of the battery or capacitor is to quickly save the last video file when you turn your bike off and it loses the power from your bike, because of this the battery they do have is very small and will not hold a charge for long.

Parking Mode on a Motorcycle Dash Cam

Parking Mode features are not as common on motorcycle cameras as they are on car dashcams. For the moto cams that do have parking mode, they will usually have 2 main features. The first is impact detection which uses an internal g-sensor to known when a major impact has happened and the 2nd feature is motion detection (rarer to find this feature on moto cams).

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