Method for Moist Sanding | Highway Bike, Biking Boards

I’ve executed it some. After I retouch my bike I often moist sand the spot I painted. I take advantage of both 1000 or 2000 grit paper. Because the space(s) I’ll sand are fairly small I simply tear off a small piece of the sandpaper & dip it right into a small container of water. (Previous Gatorade powder combine plastic jars are good for stuff like this.) I partially wrap the paper round my index finger, then gently sand utilizing a straight line movement. I take advantage of loads of water. After I cannot really feel any unevenness within the paint, I am executed. Here is a suggestion I take advantage of for touching up paint.

1. Clear the broken space completely with alcohol.

2. Rigorously examine the chip or scratch to see that there isn’t a chipping or peeling paint alongside the perimeters of the broken space. If there may be, take a pointy Exacto knife and punctiliously chip the peeling paint away till you could have a clear edge that received’t raise.

3. Assuming you could have discovered paint that matches, shake it up very completely – very completely. After you’ve executed that, shake it up very completely once more. In case you’re utilizing nail polish you may skip this step.

4. Apply the paint utilizing a small brush or a toothpick. If it’s a scratch or a chip the scale of a half a pea, I’ve discovered the toothpick works higher. Relying on the scale of the broken space you would possibly need to apply a number of gentle coats as an alternative of 1 heavy one. You are able to do this beautiful rapidly as a result of the paint will dry inside 15-20 min. Don’t be afraid to ”shade outdoors the traces.” Once you’re completed it received’t present.

5. After you’ve utilized the paint it’s crucial to examine the world to ensure the paint you’ve simply utilized is HIGHER than the encircling space. If it is not’t – apply extra paint till it’s. It MUST BE HIGHER than the encircling space.

OK! Right here comes the “scary” half for most individuals.

6. Gently moist sand the restore utilizing 1500 or 2000 grit sandpaper. If in case you have hassle discovering it, have a look at an auto elements retailer. Watch out right here! Go slowly. Don’t press arduous. You don’t need to sand the paint off the encircling space. Tear off a small piece of the sandpaper and dip it in a container of water. Your purpose is to simply easy out and mix within the repaired space. Sand slightly – verify it—- sand slightly – verify it. Use loads of water. Examine to ensure the paint is degree by operating your fingertip throughout it.

7. The paint will likely be “foggy” from sanding. Get some sprucing compound (NOT rubbing compound). Rubbing compound is extra abrasive than sprucing compound. Sharpening compound is nearly at all times white, and is available in a can that appears like paste wax. In a small container put a finger scoop of sprucing compound and a few water. Stir it up. I prefer to get so it’s concerning the consistency of cream of tomato soup. Looser is best than too agency or thick.

8. Utilizing the blended sprucing compound, dip the nook of a clear, cotton rag in it and gently rub the “foggy” space till shiny. Rub slightly, wipe it off to verify it, rub slightly extra, verify it, and so forth.

9. Apply clear coat if desired. You could have to rub the filter out with the sprucing compound as effectively.

10. You’re executed.

One different factor that I discover important is Meguires Clear Plastic Polish #17. You will not discover it in shops, so you will should order it from Meguire’s website online. It is actually magical stuff. I take advantage of it after the sprucing compound. Meguire’s different plastic polishes / cleaners will not make any distinction. It is received to be the #17.