How To: Decide Chain Kind & Measurement

630, 530, 525 & 520 chain?

O-Ring, X-Ring, non-O-Ring?

What does all of it imply?

Chain is available in quite a lot of pitches and widths. It’s essential to pick out the right chain and sprockets on your bike.

The primary variety of the chain kind designates the chain pitch and represents the space between every pin in eighths (1/8) of an inch.

630 chain is 3/4″ pitch (or consider it as 6/8″), 530 chain is 5/8″ pitch, and so forth – so if you’re unsure what measurement chain you’ve in your bike, simply measure the pin-to-pin distance.

The second two numbers present the width of the curler part of the chain in eighths of an inch – with an assumed decimal level between the numbers. 630 chain is 3/8″ huge and 525 chain is 5/16″ huge (2.5 eighths).

520  =  5/8-inch pitch, 1/4 inch huge
525  =  5/8-inch pitch, 5/16 inch huge
530  =  5/8-inch pitch, 3/8 inch huge
630  =  3/4-inch pitch, 3/8 inch huge

O-Ring vs Non-O-Ring chain

The O ring in trendy motorbike chains defend the chain from moisture and dust – each of which contribute to fast chain put on.
The O-Ring fashion chains now include quite a lot of completely different formed O-Rings to supply extra safety – The next photos from RK Excel reveals the completely different form O-Rings utilized in chains at present – the X and W profile O-Rings lure lubricating grease and assist present safety.

Chain Type Diagram

Nevertheless, listed below are some small disadvantages of the O-Ring chains…

1. The entire width of the chain is bigger than non-O ring chain – the presence of the O rings areas out the facet plates and requires longer pins – this provides to the load of the chain and might require spacers to make sure the broader chain clears the engine circumstances. With a choose few fashions (CB350F, CB500F and CB550F), you can’t use an O-ring chain as a result of chain rubbing the transmission cowl.

2. The O rings create a small quantity of drag on the chain that ends in a minor efficiency loss on the rear wheel. The large benefit of the O ring chain is the vastly improved lifetime of the chain – typically doubling or tripling the lifetime of the chain and sprockets over an equal non-O ring chain and sprockets. You do nonetheless want to make use of a sequence lubricant on the chain. Match the chain lube to the kind of chain.

Chain has completely different tensile score – this energy score reveals how a lot drive it might take to tug a sequence aside – the upper the tensile score, the stronger the chain.

Bike chain makes use of an alternating over/beneath hyperlink sample. Due to this, chain is all the time bought in even numbers of hyperlinks.

NOTE: Keep away from placing non-motorcycle (industrial) chain on bikes, these chains are NOT designed for working at velocity and enduring the cruel stresses placed on them by a bike.