How To Change Oil On A 4 Stroke

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Photo of man changing oil on 4 stroke dirt bike engine.

Studying the way to change oil on a 4 stroke grime bike is a vital and simple a part of sustaining your thumper and getting essentially the most out of it. It’s really vital that you just change the oil religiously on a four-stroke as there are such a lot of extra shifting elements within the engine that should be lubricated.

If you happen to slip into the unhealthy behavior of neglect you’ll end up on the sideline unable to journey or race as a result of your ‘trusty steed’ wants an engine rebuild.

You need to ideally learn the consumer handbook for the precise course of on your specific model/mannequin of motorcycle as there are numerous completely different engine designs on the market requiring sure procedures. Additionally, some trendy 4 stroke grime bikes have one oil compartment whereas others have two – one for the transmission oil and one other for the engine oil. It’s simple sufficient to determine in case your bike has one or two by the variety of oil filler caps it has.

“The final time I used to be altering my oil, I made a dumb mistake and overtightened the bolt on the oil filter cowl. The bolt head broke off and I spent hours attempting to repair it and finally needed to take it to a mechanic. PLEASE purchase a reasonable torque wrench like this one on Amazon earlier than you modify your oil and look within the handbook for the torque settings on every bolt. For my Yamaha, it’s solely 5-7 foot kilos on these bolts.”

Step-by-Step Course of for Altering the Oil

I’ll be demonstrating this course of on an RMZ 450 grime bike. Though this course of is usually the identical for nearly all 4 stroke grime bikes so you need to have the ability to observe alongside pretty simply.

  • Run the bike for a couple of minutes till the engine oil is heat. It will assist it drain higher.
  • Place an oil pan underneath the underside of the bike and take away the oil filter cap on the aspect of the bike. Unscrew the principle drain bolt on the very backside of the grime bike and a flood of oil will begin pouring out. Tilt the bike back and forth to get all of the dregs out.
  • Take away the oil filter cowl and take out the filter. Keep in mind the way it all sits collectively as you are taking it off. Substitute with a brand new filter ensuring you rub some recent oil across the filter lip to make sure a great seal.
  • Clear the within of the filter cap with contact cleaner to take away any gunk and particles which will block the circulate of oil. Match the duvet again in place however don’t over-tighten the bolts! If you happen to strip the threads you may kiss your $$ goodbye. Additionally, test the rubber O ring/s – in the event that they’re outdated and unfastened it’s good to exchange ’em.
  • Tighten the drain bolt again in and high up with recent, high-quality oil. You’ll in all probability want a funnel to keep away from spilling it in every single place. Verify your bike handbook for actual quantities though it must be written on the engine casing. You may take away the oil degree test bolt after you’ve had the bike working to ensure oil flows out, signaling you will have sufficient in there.
  • Tip: Use solely prime quality oil, it will prevent cash in the long term though it might value a bit extra up entrance.

  • Wipe clear the oil filler cap and tighten again in place.
  • Now, whether or not your bike has one or two oil compartments the method is just about the identical. It pays to alter the oil in each on the identical time, utilizing transmission oil for the gearbox and prime quality engine oil (10W-40) for the engine compartment.

    For these bikes which have a dip stick connected to the oil cap to measure the oil degree – heat the bike up first then unscrew the dip stick. Wipe clear with a material then sit it again in. Don’t screw it again in. This will provide you with an correct studying.

    Query: How typically ought to I alter the oil / oil filter on my 4 stroke grime bike?

    Reply: About each 5 – 10 hours relying on how laborious you race it. You may reuse the filter for an additional cycle though it’s finest to swap it for a brand new one every time you modify the oil.

    Tip: The price of repeatedly altering the oil on a 4 stroke rapidly mounts up and is sufficient to make you think about promoting your moms jewelery to subsidize it. You may keep away from that by buying chrome steel, reusable filters which ought to final the bikes lifetime. The important thing with these is to scrub them totally with contact cleaner every time they’re eliminated throughout an oil change.

    4 strokes could be demanding beasts however you may simply carry on high of your oil adjustments by writing down the hours at which you final modified it. Mix this with common air filter cleans and also you’ll dramatically lower the prospect of a catastrophic engine failure.

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