Finest Torque Wrench for Filth Bike Upkeep

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For those who personal and preserve your individual dust bike, you actually ought to get a torque wrench.  After I first began caring for my very own bike, I didn’t have a torque wrench and I simply did issues by really feel.  I assumed this could be simply nice till I made the error that modified my thoughts.  I used to be altering the oil on my dust bike and tightening up the bolts that cowl up the oil filter cowl.  As I began to show, SNAP!  The bolt broke off.  One piece of the bolt was caught in my bike and the opposite was on the bottom.

As a substitute of me saving cash by altering the oil on my dust bike myself, I ended up spending $20 at House Depot to attempt to get a software that might take away the bolt. That failed, so I needed to take it to a dust bike store which then charged me $65 to take it out. Altogether, I spent $85 on that oil change–all as a result of I used to be too low-cost to buy a torque wrench.

The torque wrench that I like to recommend for dust bikes is the Bikemaster 1/4″ digital torque wrench (click on to see it on   It’s PERFECT for dust bike upkeep! 

This wrench reads right down to 2.2 ft/lbs, which covers each bolt on a dust bike.  I discover {that a} 1/4″ torque wrench is greatest for dust bikes as a result of it’ll work on many of the bolts you could have.  Nonetheless, do remember that among the bigger bolts would require a special torque wrench if you wish to be excellent.  Chances are you’ll think about shopping for a 3/4″ drive torque wrench as properly in some unspecified time in the future down the road, however begin with that Bikemaster 1/4″ digital torque wrench because it’ll work for many of the bolts you’ll must tighten precisely in your dust bike.

There are different good choices out there at Sears and ACDelco additionally has choice, however I hear too many complaints about these wrenches, so I like to recommend sticking with the Bikemaster.

What to Search for In A Filth Bike Torque Wrench

For my part, these are crucial issues to search for:

  • Covers from 3 to to fifteen foot-pounds of torque, which is the commonest vary for bolts on a dust bike.  Don’t get a torque wrench that begins at 20 foot-pounds like a mean torque wrench or it gained’t be a lot good on a dust bike.  You want one that may measure the low torque settings required for a dust bike.  Whereas no bolt on a dust bike must be tightened solely to 2 foot kilos, it’s good to have one which begins low, as a result of most torque wrenches are most correct in the midst of their vary.
  • Digital readout (my choice)
  • 1/4, 3/8, or 1/2″ drive alternative is troublesome.  For those who can solely purchase one, get a 1/4″ because it’ll work for crucial bolts on a dust bike.  If you should buy two wrenches, add the three/4″.
  • Backlit readout so you may simply see the measurement even when working in a dim storage atmosphere
  • Measurement to the tenth of a pound or higher.  Your handbook possible says issues like “tighten the bolt to five.1 ft/lbs.”  You want a torque wrench that may try this.
  • One thing that may keep calibrated for a very long time, and proceed to be correct.  A budget “beam and pointer” model torque wrenches can simply get bent and damaged.

Not all torque wrenches are created equal.  For instance, I’ve heard plenty of complaints concerning the Harbor Freight torque wrenches.  I even heard from somebody whose job is certifying instruments for work in on plane and he mentioned that in his testing the Harbor Freight retailer branches had been all around the map.  They weren’t correct in any respect.  So it’s we’re getting high quality torque wrench that you already know is right.

One alternative you’ll must make is between a digital torque wrench and an analog torque wrench.  I personally lean towards the digital torque wrench when you can afford one, however usually they are often very costly (usually over $200!). The good thing about the digital torque wrench is a pleasant, clear, very exact readout.  Additionally, the size is extra correct from mild to heavy.  On some analog torque wrenches, they’re correct on the center of the size, however they aren’t correct at the beginning or the top of the size.

One other factor to search for is to guarantee that torque wrench will present you the poundage that you just want on the lighter weight bolts.  Many torque wrenches are made for heavy truck tires and different heavy equipment, they usually gained’t present you an correct measurement for between 10 and 15 kilos.

The very last thing you’ll must know in selecting a torque wrench is to ensure it’s the right measurement. You’ll want to ensure it’ll work with the bolts that you’ll generally want on a dust bike. A lot of these bolts are a lot smaller than the bolts that you’d discover on a truck engine.

Varieties of Torque Wrenches to Contemplate

There are a selection of various torque wrench types available on the market.  Every of them have completely different professionals and cons.

  • Click on Wrench – This model permits the person to set the torque setting after which the wrench will begin to slip as soon as that torque is reached to forestall over-tightening.
  • Beam and Pointer Torque Wrenches – These are the most cost effective torque wrenches on the market.  They’ve just a little scale and a pointer like an old-school lavatory scale.  The issue with these is that they will simply get bent and present inaccurate readings.  They’re additionally much less correct for lighter torque settings.
  • Plumber’s Wrench – Slips when the suitable torque is reached, however has a T-shaped deal with.
  • Hydraulic Torque Wrench – It is a motorized wrench used principally for automotive.  It’s what you see on the aspect of an Indy Automobile Race within the pits.
  • Deflecting Beam Wrench – The torque is utilized to a deflecting beam as an alternative of to a coil spring.  Very correct.

Supply for information on varieties of torque wrenches.

Ideas for Sustaining Your Torque Wrench

  • Each torque wrench must be calibrated periodically to be completely correct.  That’s why I just like the BikeMaster because it supplies a simple method for this to be performed.
  • Watch out to not drop or bang a torque wrench on issues or else it could grow to be inaccurate.
  • Retailer the torque wrench in its field in order to guard it.
  • By no means use a torque wrench to untighten a bolt.  Use it just for tightening and solely whenever you want an correct torque setting.  In any other case, use a daily wrench.

What If I Need One thing Low-cost?

I undoubtedly suggest getting the Bikemaster torque wrench that I really useful at the beginning of this text.  For those who’ll be sustaining a dust bike for years to return, it’s value it to have a high quality software that may final you for years.  Nonetheless, it’s costly.  For those who can’t spend that a lot cash, then there’s one other cool choice is to get an adapter as an alternative of the wrench itself. 

You set this between your regular wrench and the socket and it offers you the readout.  Test it out right here on  It primarily offers you a similar outcomes because the devoted torque wrench, however you pay much less.  It’s simply not as handy is all.

What Is a Torque Wrench Anyway?

The aim of the torque wrench is that can assist you to know the precise strain you’re utilizing to show the bolt. Chances are you’ll be shocked how mild some of the bolts on a dust bike ought to really be turned.  Many individuals, like me, use an excessive amount of power on the bolts which might trigger strict elements and broken-off bolts.  The handbook in of your dust bike will let you know the precise poundage you need to use when tightening every particular bolt on the bike.  On my Yamaha PTR 230 dust bike, there must be 4 foot-pounds of strain on one bolt protecting the oil filter 6 kilos on one other and eight kilos on the opposite. You gained’t know simply by guessing, so you must look it up.  Your dust bike handbook is the one place you’ll find these numbers.  For those who don’t have your manuals nonetheless you may simply lookup the handbook on-line.


No matter torque wrench you select, be certain you do get one. It truly is definitely worth the funding.  Like I discussed within the introduction, I spent $85 in fixing the bolt that I broke once I may have simply bought a torque wrench and never tousled my bike. My bike was out of fee for 3 weeks whereas I used to be getting it mounted proper in the course of the excellent a part of the summer time to be driving dust bikes.

When you get your torque wrench, don’t be lazy and fail to make use of it. Each time you could tighten a bolt in your bike, look it up within the handbook to be sure to’re tightening it to the right amount.  Ultimately, you’ll memorize the commonest numbers. You’ll be glad to do a job properly performed.