Fats (2019-2020) vs. Skinny (2021-current)

OK, any Cobra execs left on this website that has expertise each the fats Cobra Sr. and the Skinny Cobra Sr.?

I imply, I want one thing aside from “it is higher”. The place is it higher and by how a lot and the way?

Breaking it down,

  • the motors are about the identical. Very same base. Considering minor positive aspects within the consumption and exhaust division that until your child is pinned 99.9% of the time, is not going to be an element.
  • the chassis clearly is greatest distinction. “Handles higher”….how, the place, and the way a lot? I get it, each little millisecond counts lap after lap. The simpler the bike turns, flies, jumps, lands, and so forth. is a bonus. Not solely will be sooner, however could be a fatigue saver.
  • Shock appeared to have the opposite most important replace, however in that, what cannot be made up through the right suspension professional?
  • Apart from that, largely some weight financial savings and power positive aspects. Not attempting to minimize the affect of this in addition to all of the mixed enhancements making a considerable general acquire.

Why do I ask and why do I not simply go get a 2021+ yesterday? Properly, I will offer you a guess, however not up for dialogue and/or my query at this level. I believe as soon as I get Spencer’s 2019 with a contemporary prime finish and the suspension arrange for him, he may have a viable weapon. A thin killer? Properly, will depend on the rider on that skinny. I rider of the identical talent set might need a bonus, however not in all instances. I have been instructed that the fats Cobra’s are simpler to grip between the legs, in the identical breath, barely more durable to maneuver round on…particularly for a vertically problem child…lol.

Simply on the lookout for one thing greater than I can discover from the online. Nearly nothing there and even when I did discover one thing, can I actually take that to the financial institution? We’ll get a thin, however won’t be till late summer time or after the season one a few Spencer’s friends age out in 2023.