Classic Norton Bikes: NOS Amal 10TT9


JdK– Adrian contacted me with the request to promote this NOS carb; contact me when and I’ll ahead your e-mail. Adrian: “I’ve lately found that I’ve been – fairly unwittingly – storing a ‘new outdated inventory’ carburetor for a Norton (this time for a 350cc 40M from 1932) – one-and-a-sixteenth-inch choke diameter. The float chamber is on the – additionally right – 15 diploma angle. 

The carburetor is simply as I’ve dry-stored it for about 30-years and you will notice from the pictures it’s in extraordinarily good – completely authentic – situation if somewhat shop-soiled. Because the carburetor is full (aside from the needles in each the float chamber and mixing chamber) is clearly unused my solely request is that the person who actually wants it is ready to make a sensible supply.”