Chevelle Turbo LS Construct

Taking a fast break from engaged on bikes and going to work on a construct that I’ve been eager to do for over 15 years!

So I personal a 1970 Chevelle with a small block 350 & TH350 trans, that produces in all probability 150hp…..not very spectacular. Time to vary that!

So the aim is easy: swap in a brand new engine/trans combo to offer me 500RWHP+, overdrive, A/C, and so forth…

Venture Intro Video

Junkyard Engine Any Good?

Everyone seems to be yanking these out of the junkyard, slapping a turbo on them, and simply making 500+ hp, so why can’t I? I purchased a 5.3 out of a 2005 truck with supposedly 140k on it. It additionally supposedly ran high-quality. Earlier than shopping for the engine, I spun it over, ensuring there was some resistance indicating the rings aren’t completely shot. Buy worth: $500 with equipment, no harness or ECU.

Partial Engine Teardown

Time to begin taking it aside and see what we discover?

Vapor Blasting Some Elements

Some time again I constructed my very own vapor blaster from a HF cupboard. I’ve DIY plans right here. I additionally constructed a a lot greater one from WOOD! Wooden plans accessible right here. So on this video I simply wished to see how a few of these elements would clear up. This machine by no means dissapoints!

Eradicating The Heads

So with poor leakdown take a look at outcomes, I had no selection however to drag the heads and see what the issue was.

Do I Want A Valve Job?

I type of beat this matter to demise, nevertheless listed below are a number of movies on figuring out in the event you want a valve job. Additionally, some data on lapping valves, by hand and with a drill.

Vapor Blasting Heads

Sure, extra vapor blasting! Got here out trying new!

Backside Finish Dissassembly

Time to tear down the underside finish. Primary purpose is to examine the whole lot and I plan on opening up the ring gaps for enhance.

Piston Disassembly & Cleansing

The pistons had been caked in carbon and oil sludge. Dissasembling them from the rods and vapor blasting the pistons made them look model new once more.

Honing The Cylinders

The cylinders seem like they’re in nice form, and I can nonetheless see the manufacturing facility cross hatch. So the plan is to run a ball hone by way of them to prep the partitions for brand new piston rings.

Prepping the Block

Subsequent up is prepping the block for reassembly. I used my Tremendous Scraper to take away all outdated gasket materials. Then, chased all of the threaded holes with a metric thread restorer package. ARP makes a 11mm x 2.0 chaser for the pinnacle bolts, which got here from Summit Racing. I tuned up the deck surfaces with a LONG FLAT plate and a few 220 grit sandpaper. In any case that, I wheeled it outdoors and gave it a great degreasing. As soon as completely rinsed, I did a washdown rinse with Holdtight 102 to forestall flash rusting. Lastly I hit the entire block with CRC Brakcleen and my new Vaper sprayer.

Changing Cam Bearings

Cam bearings appear to wear down rapidly in these LS engines, so on this video I’ll present you change them. The job is fairly straightforward while you use the proper cam bearing set up device from Summit Racing. Now GM had a few totally different bearing designs, so make certain to order the proper dimension in your yr (mine is an 05′ and used Clevite Camshaft Bearings SH-2125S).

Putting in New Primary Bearings

The inventory crank seemed to be in good condition, so I dropped it off on the machine store to get all of the journals polished up. Price was solely $70. The crank might be put in with new predominant bearings from Summit Racing. Ensure to purchase some plastigauge as nicely. Manufacturing facility spec on bearing clearances is .0008″ – .0025″. Mine ended up all at about .0015″. Thrust spec is .0015″ – .0078″. My thrust is sitting proper at .003″. All good! Ensure to take a look at all of the torque specs for LS engines listed right here. I used the Eastwood Micrometer Torque wrenches and an angle finder to find out the quantity of twist within the fasteners for the second go.

Rear Primary Seal & Barbell

The rear predominant seal cowl requires a particular alignment device equivalent to this one. Nonetheless, only a few months in the past, I purchased a 3D printer, so I believed I’d simply make my very own device to sort out this job. A new gasket and barbell was additionally put in.

Submitting Piston Rings For BOOST

Once you turbocharge an engine, you’ll generate extra warmth within the combustion chamber. This causes the rings to “develop” and what occurs is the ring finish hole begins to shut up. If the ring ends butt, it will seize the piston within the bore, after which the piston will break on the ring land. Bye bye engine. To stop this, a bigger correct hole needs to be used. I used new piston rings & a ring filer from Summit Racing, and went for a .028″ hole on prime and 2nd rings.

Putting in Pistons & Rods

The piston/rod assemblies are lastly prepared to return into their holes. New rod bearings had been put in. Clearances had been checked with plastigauge, they usually all checked out proper round .002″….good. The Summit Racing ring compressor made this job tremendous straightforward!

This challenge is onging and as video are uploaded, I’ll add them right here. To remain up to date, be part of my electronic mail record under to get notified immediately when new movies come out!