Changing a racing highway body to a fixie

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What you’re suggesting is widespread, although the order of issues is likely to be. Most people will take their earlier era body (or one thing low-cost from a storage sale, and so on)and switch it into a set gear bike. Beginning with a high-end body constructed new right into a fixie is uncommon.

Dropouts matter for making a set gear bike. On a set gear, you want a way to have the ability to regulate the chain pressure, and that is usually achieved by shifting the wheel within the drops. For bikes with vertical (regular highway) drops, there are particular hubs that can be utilized to construct wheels to deal with the adjustment.

One other risk which may make a bit extra sense total, is to create a single pace. There, the adjustment is dealt with by an loafer pulley. And truthfully, a single pace is a little more sensible to experience. That’ll additionally provide you with a set of wheels that you’ll reuse on the ‘huge’ construct.

For me, I might rethink the method. Slightly than shopping for a body and saving for the construct, I might contemplate shopping for the construct and saving for a very good body. Get one thing like a Bikes Direct bike with a very good group and a ‘lesser’ body. WHen you’ll be able to afford the dream body, port the elements over and use the previous body to construct a fixie/ss.

Have enjoyable!