Cam Swain dominates last Supersport 300 bout at P.I.

ASBK 2023

Spherical One – Phillip Island

Supersport 300 Race Three

A dry monitor greeted Supersport 300 opponents once they fronted the grid for his or her third and last bout of the season opening weekend at Phillip Island on Sunday morning.

Cam Swain acquired an awesome run off the road forward of Henry Snell, Brodie Gawith and Cooper Rowntree.  Swain truly managed to tug out half-a-second across the again of the circuit and had sufficient of a spot down the chute for his chasers not to have the ability to slipstream him down the chute.

Jai Russo moved as much as second place however Swain had finished sufficient on the opening lap to make sure his pursuers couldn’t slipstream him and was working his personal race out entrance. After two laps Swain had 1.2-seconds on Russo, Gawith, Hamod and Snell.

Luke Jhonston moved as much as second place with 5 laps to go however it was a lottery between Jhonston, Middleton, Russo, Snell, Gawith, Hamod, Rowntree for second place because the order modified at virtually each flip and nothing separated that seven-strong group that have been attempting to chase down chief Cam Swain.

Tara Morrison went down at flip 4 simply cross the midway level of the race after being in competition for a high ten.

Swain was nonetheless holding sway out entrance and continued to tug away within the second half of the race, his lead out to simply over five-seconds with two laps to run. Behind him Middleton, Russo, Johnston, Rowntree, Gawith, Snell and Hamod have been throughout one another and swapping that second place all the way in which across the circuit.

Cam Swain took the chequered flag with an eight-second lead over his pursuers. The very best of the remaining that contested that heady battle for second place was Brodie Gawith whereas Luke Jhonston rounded out the rostrum forward of Henry Snell, Marcus Hamod and Jai Russo. Cooper Rowntree and Casey Middleton additionally in that group then there was a two-second ga again Brandon Demmery in ninth.

Supersport 300 Race Three Outcomes

  1. Swain
  2. Gawith +7.944
  3. Jhonston +7.972
  4. Snell +8.100
  5. Hamod +8.136
  6. Russo +8.174
  7. Rowntree +8.177
  8. Middleton +8.231
  9. Demmery +10.035
  10. Knezovic +21.152
  11. Pezzetta +21.156
  12. Watts +21.216
  13. Knight +21.217
  14. Nerlich +21.298
  15. Newman +21.517
  16. Simpson +21.652
  17. Moylan +35.719
  18. Gilbert +35.736
  19. Sforzin +35.835
  20. Quinlan +42.076

Supersport 300 Championship Factors

  1. Russo 58
  2. Demmery 57
  3. Snell 53
  4. Swain 51
  5. Jhonston 51
  6. Gawith 50
  7. Middleton 45
  8. Rowntree 42
  9. Hamod 41
  10. Knight 31
  11. Newman 26
  12. Watts 25

Phillip Island WorldSBK/ASBK Race Schedule

Sunday 26 February 2023
Begin  End  Session  Session Laps Distance
0800 0810 Timekeeping Monitor System Take a look at
0830  0840 FIM Medical Inspection /// FIM Monitor Inspection
0910 Australian Supersport 300 R3 8 35.56km
0945 Australian Superbike R2 12 53.34km
1030 1045 WorldSBK WUP
1055 1110 WorldSSP WUP
1130 Australian Supersport R3 10 44.45km
1200 1235 Pit Stroll 2 & Security Automobile Laps ASBK Shows on Podium
1300 WorldSBK SPRace 10 44.45km
1340 Australian Superbike R3 12 53.34km
1430 WorldSSP R2   80.01km
1505 1535 ASBK Pillion Rides ASBK Shows on Podium
1600 WorldSBK R3 22 97.79km