Best open face motorcycle helmet

Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Open-faced motorcycle helmets are a great option for riding in warmer climates or if you prefer feeling unrestricted while riding your bike.

These open face helmets offer more freedom of movement than traditional full-face ones, which is ideal when wearing bulky clothing or even just wanting to wear sunglasses with your helmet. 

Open face motorcycle helmets are a great option for riders who want to communicate with other people while riding or stay cool by not wearing the full-face helmet.

The best open face motorcycle helmet will protect your head from any potential accidents on the road. 


When buying an open face motorbike helmet, the three things you should consider are how much protection it offers, what features it comes with, and its comfort level.

Top 5 Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmets:

1.Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Open Face Helmet:

Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Cruiser- 100% DOT Approved

Are you looking for new open face helmets? If yes, then a Daytona helmet is the best option for you.

The Daytona Cruiser is the smallest D.O.T. 3/4 Shell Helmet Ever Made Meets and Exceeds D.O.T. FMVSS 218 Standards!

It’s fully lined with a custom formed interior for extreme comfort; it has a slimline design offering a sleek contoured shell that hugs your head, eliminating the mushroom look.

Many colors are available for you to choose from! You won’t find another helmet like this one on the market today!

The last thing you want to feel at higher speeds is a dig caused by an uncomfortable and narrow chin strap. That’s distracting, dangerous!

If your loved ones have head protection in case of an accident, this open-face DOT 3/4 Shell helmet will be their saving grace because it has adjustable buckles that allow for a huge range of sizes.

So everyone can enjoy wearing one comfortably without feeling like it’s too tight or loose on them, whichever way possible.

While still providing ample coverage against impacts thanks again to its sturdy construction, which makes sure any crash doesn’t cause major damage, not just physically.



  • It is a very lightweight Helmet.
  • The helmet size is perfect.
  • Great quality at a great price.
  • D.O.T. standards are exceeded.
  • The headwrap is free with this product.
  • It has Multiple colours options.


  • There is no Bluetooth on this helmet.

2. MMG Model 20 Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

The M.M.G. Model 20 is a high-quality, lightweight and comfortable open face helmet.

The helmet has a sleek design with innovative technology to provide you with the best experience possible on your motorcycle.

The helmet comes equipped with a removable, washable cheek pad that provides comfort for hours of riding.

In addition, the carbon fibre decal or design is not made from carbon fibre, but it gives the helmet an extra edge in style and modern appeal.

If you have a less budget, then M.M.G. Model Motorcycle Open Face Helmet is a perfect choice for you. It’s D.O.T. approved and street legal, so Having a helmet will give you confidence when riding.

This lightweight helmet has a modern aerodynamic design, making it comfortable to wear while also looking great on your bike. Plus, it comes in various colours, so you can find one that matches your style perfectly!

You won’t have to worry about scratching this helmet because it features anti-scratch technology, and its wide vision field lets you see everything around you.

And if something does happen to go wrong while riding, the inner padding provides comfort and protection from impact.


  • This helmet is very lightweight.
  • It is a Modern Aerodynamic Design.
  • The helmet is washable and removable. 
  • D.O.T. Approved for U.S. Safety.


  • After using it does not feel comfortable and protected.

3. YEMA Motorcycle Open Face Helmet:

The YEMA Motorcycle Open Face Helmet is an innovative design that shows off your style while providing maximum safety.

This helmet is designed with the rider in mind. The oval shape provides a wide, unobstructed field of view without any claustrophobic feelings when riding, which ensures you are always aware of the situation around you.

The dual visor design includes a retractable smoked and clear outer shield for perfect visibility on cool autumn mornings and temperate summer evenings.

Made from strong A.B.S. thermoplastic, it provides advanced protection and a secure grip and will never fade or lose its structural integrity over time.

A soft inner lining pad is fully removable and washable so that it’s always fresh as new no matter what season! And if you’re ever in a tight spot.

The five-point strap will ensure that your helmet stays firmly suspended on your head while you deal with other crucial matters.


  • It protects from U.V. rays.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • The internal lining is washable and removable.
  • It has a quick-release visor.
  • It has a dual-density eps liner.
  • It has easy to use Sun Visor System.


  • The helmet is not enough to be comfortable.

4. AHR RUN-C Motorcycle Half Face Helmet:

A.H.R. helmets are designed with safety and convenience in mind. When you’re commuting on your A.H.R., you don’t want anything to get in the way of an easy and comfortable ride.

That’s why we’ve equipped this affordable helmet with a high-quality lightweight A.B.S. shell.

A high-density buffer layer; and an adjustable Quick Release buckle that allows you to customize it for any size head while making entry and exit seamless.

The A.H.R. Run-C Motorcycle Half Face Helmet is a lightweight and affordable half face helmet. I was weighing less than 3 pounds.

It includes an adjustable quick-release buckle for easy wearing on and off and fitting the chin strap to different heads of varying shapes. A drop-down sun visor is also included with this helmet.

You can use our helmet even if you’re cruising around on one of these guys: chopper, cruiser, scooter name your vehicular choice!


  • The helmet is very comfortable.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It has single density EPS liner.
  • In the U.S., this is DOT-approved.
  • The visor has a removable layer of high-density cushioning.
  • This helmet is ideal for riding a motorcycle, scooter, or chopper.


  • It is a little difficult to loosen the strap when taking it off.

5. ILM 3/4 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet:

This innovative 3/4 open face helmet has a wide field of visibility, superior ventilation and a quick-release chin strap so you can easily put it on and off.

The lightweight A.B.S. shell with the Multi-Density EPS liner means that your head is protected from bumps and scrapes. In addition to protecting the top of your noggin.

This helmet also covers the sides for extreme protection from crashes or spills from any side.

This new ILM 3/4 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet will keep you safe while riding through rainstorms down dusty trails at lightning speeds!

It features an open face, three-quarter design to offer superior ventilation with a wide field of visibility. With the padded chin strap, the helmet is comfortable and secure.

Snapping on or off the snap-on visor allows you to customize your look while meeting or exceeding all safety standards. The easy, quick release chin strap makes getting this best selling helmet on and off a breeze.

Designed using CAD technology for optimum fit and comfort, the Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell is lightweight and extremely durable.

The perfect option for dirt bikes, motorcycle, motocross, scooter riders, and street bikes like cruisers, U.T.V.s or ATVs.


  • The helmet is a sleek retro design.
  • This is the modern technology standard of the D.O.T.
  • A.B.S. engineered plastic is used for the helmet.
  • An EPS buffer layer with a high density can greatly reduce the impact strength.
  • The helmet is very comfortable.


  • There is no super high-quality internals in this helmet.

Buyers Guide for Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmet:

Lightness & Comfort

Open-face motorcycle helmets are a lot lighter than full-face ones, and that means less fatigue for riders. And thanks to manufacturers who’ve created shells that not only weigh less.


But also offer stronger protection in nature. Many of them now use the same material as their counterparts on closed-circuit racers or other high impact sports – enhancing safety levels even further!

Size and head shape

It is impossible to buy a good helmet unless you determine your head shape. A decent fit for one person may be entirely wrong on another.

So finding out what type of noggin’ at home with the big folks in mind can save headaches and potential injury down the line!

There are three common shapes: Long Oval, Intermediate oval, Round Oval. This means that their craniums taper toward both ends more than anywhere else.


These have round heads, but they don’t quite come together like an oblong does Close Semi-circular. Whereas most people think this looks like two rayed stars side by side.

Safety criterion

Full-face covering helmets are the best when it comes to safety. However, many people who have tried them say they’re cheaply made and break easily if you get into an accident with one on your head.

Polycarbonate is a common material used in making full-face protection because of its durability.

Carbon fiber also makes for high-quality products but won’t hold up as well against impacts where fiberglass composite would do just fine!

Always look out for how sturdy any given product claims itself be by checking certification ratings such as I.S.I. marks or D.O.T. certificates.


Before making any purchasing decision to feel confident about their purchase, we know exactly what kind of warranty protection there will be should anything go wrong later down forming the track.


Buying a helmet is one of the most important decisions you will make for your safety.

The more expensive brands offer better protection, comfort, and additional features, but buying at an affordable rate does exist.


It just requires careful consideration to weigh what needs are important in terms of quality vs. budget so that no vital asset like a rider’s head gets left unprotected!

F.A.Q.s of Open Face Helmets

What should be the weight of a helmet?

The helmet’s weight can vary anywhere from 1400 to 1800 grams, depending on what kind you get and how big it is.

Some riders like their helmets light since they wear them most often when mountain biking or road riding in hot weather with no air conditioning available as an option.

What is the difference between an open face and a half-face helmet?

Open face helmets are motorcycle helmets that leave the front, sides, and back exposed to keep you cool.

They provide less protection than full-face or Half Helmet styles but offer more comfort because they don’t cover your entire head, protecting only what needs protection most: Your mouth area.

The open-faced variety also provides coverage for ears while still letting air flow freely through it so riders can wear their favorite bandana around their neck without worrying about sweaty brows ruining an otherwise perfect ride!


At the end of this article, you should have learned about all sorts of different helmets.

You should also know that many factors to consider when selecting which type of helmet are best for you, including your budget and riding style!

Hopefully, by now, you’ve narrowed down what it is exactly that makes an open face motorcycle helmet so great.

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