Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $200

Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $200

Motorcycle helmets are an important safety accessory for bikers. They protect your head from potential injury in the event of a crash or collision.

A good helmet will not only keep you safe but also make riding more enjoyable because it can reduce noise and wind pressure on your face, as well as provide protection to the back of your head.

It is essential to know how much money you want to spend before buying one to avoid overspending unnecessarily.

The following blog post discusses some of the best motorcycle helmets under $200 that you can find online today. 


The article details each product’s features and why they might be worth considering for anyone looking for affordable yet high-quality gear!

5 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under 200

1. Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet:

Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet

The Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult, Full Face Street Helmet, is DOT approved and meets the FMVSS 218 Standard.

This helmet has a 60% AR400 Polycarbonate/ABS Shell Construction, which offers enhanced protection for your head while maintaining comfort during long rides.

The shield clips in securely with this helmet and is designed to reduce wind noise.

There is even a padded wind collar to help keep out any excess sound from the outside world, meaning that you will be able to talk or listen on your phone easily.

If need be without interruption from the annoying sounds of traffic or other cars around you: lightweight, easy and fast!

The helmet also feels remarkably comfortable on your head. They feature an EPS lining that perfectly forms around, and its softness soothes your skull for all-day comfort.

The interior padding snaps in easily for easy cleaning, making sure you can enjoy riding with ease as well as style points from friends & family alike!

For an even more relaxed feel, there’s an excellent ventilation system that provides unrestricted airflow around the wearer’s skull while they’re out riding their bicycle every day or just commuting to work hassle-free through traffic jams.

Overall, This is one of the top motorcycle helmets under 200. This is our first recommendation modular helmet at this price.


  • This helmet is made from a polycarbonate/ABS composite shell
  • It has a 3-shell design and is made out of EPS
  • This product has a clear sun shield
  • An easy-to-use click-release shield
  • Pockets integrated with speakers
  • It comes with an industry-leading 5-year warranty
  • Complies with FMVSS 218; DoT-approved


  • No face shield stays closed on the helmet.

2. ILM Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet:

Are you looking for a new full-face helmet? ILM Bluetooth Full Face modular motorcycle helmet is a perfect choice.

It’s DOT certified, made of quality ABS shell, designed with dual visors and an integrated Bluetooth system that allows riders to connect to their devices and other riders.

You can even listen to music or GPS navigation audio! With just one touch of a button, you can make phone calls, answer and reject incoming calls, communicate intercom style with other riders through your headset speakers and microphones.

This is the ultimate motorcycle accessory for anyone who wants to stay connected while riding on two wheels.

The helmet is manufactured from an advanced polycarbonate composite shell. It has an excellent design for both men and women. You can also use it as a bike or motorcycle helmet.

The ILM Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is designed with any bike or motorcycle, including sports bikes, cruisers bikes, touring bikes, and scooters.

The ILM helmet is one unique model that blends a motorcyclist’s safety needs with their communication systems. This way, you’ll stay safe on the road and keep in touch with others while riding for long distances.


  • The helmet has DOT Safety Standards.
  • It has a One-Touch Control Ventilation System.
  • It has Multi-Density Liners.
  • It has a drop-down sun visor.
  • It features an easy-to-use inner sun shield.
  • High-speed speakers remain very clear
  • The Modular Face achieves a comfortable


  • It is pretty heavy and feels unsafe.

3.FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet:

The FreedConn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is a modular motorcycle helmet that allows you to enjoy music, FM radio, GPS voice prompt, and intercom stably.

It comes with two premium speakers with full stereo sound that is built-in in the helmet. The advanced DSP echo cancellation technology reduces echo from calling.

This motorcycle helmet supports the hands-free call by Bluetooth 3.0 technology, long battery life, and an upgrade package (you can change your headlight or turn signal red/green).

Audible speakers, even riding at high speed, will be clear. The built-in Bluetooth 3.0 technology that facilitates intercom between two riders makes it easy to operate with this motorcycle helmet.

You can communicate with your passenger easily by connecting to their headsets via Bluetooth. You can also answer or reject incoming calls with a push of a button at any time.

This Bluetooth helmet is perfect for all types of riders, regardless of what kind of bike they ride. This model is equally suitable for motorcycle riders and bikers because it has a removable chin guard.

With this model, you can combine helmets to make the ultimate riding experience with your friends or family!


  • It has an advanced DSP echo cancellation technology
  • It has an upgrade package with turn signal speakers and a headlight.
  • This is a modular street motorcycle helmet.
  • The Bluetooth system is easy to use.
  • Cleaning is easy with the removable interior.


  • Its appearance looks like cheap plastic.

4. O'Neal Off-Road 2 series Helmet Slick 2 SERIES Helmet

O’Neal Off-Road 2 series Helmet Slick 2 SERIES Helmet is an affordable, super stylish helmet in the market.

This is our 2 Series helmet, and we’re excited to say it has taken the motorcycle industry by storm. We know you want comfort, quality, and protection, and that’s what we offer with this helmet.

This helmet meets DOT standards and those from ECE 22-05, making it a perfect match for any off-road needs.

In addition to protective features such as visors made of durable plastic, the headliner comes with easily removable padding, which can be washed or replaced.

Whenever needed, if it becomes too worn out over time, meaning no worries about sanitizing it! One of our most innovative designs yet!

The Slick 2 SERIES is constructed with an ABS thermoplastic shell that meets or exceeds both DOT and ECE 22-05 standards.

The chin bar features a rubber roost nose guard to protect your face from road debris while riding. Double-D release chin strap provides a comfortable fit.

Available in multiple colors, this stylish helmet can be worn by men and women alike.


  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • Both men and women can use it.
  • It had DOT standards.
  • It is very significant and well built.
  • This is a very lightweight helmet.


  • The airflow may get quite hot in high temperatures.
  • The helmet is very tight.

5. TORC T50 Route 66 Lucky 13 Open Face Helmet

TORC T50 Route 66 lucky is the best motorcycle helmet on the market.

The TORC T50 Route 66 Lucky 13 Open Face Helmet is a DOT-approved helmet. It is made of plastic and has an intermediate oval head shape.

This helmet comes in two outer shell sizes for proper scale in appearance. The five-button snap system and three-snap peaks are included to give you the option to customize your helmet to your liking.

The ultra-suede fabric inner comfort padding with removable cheek pads will keep you comfortable while riding. At the same time, the DOT-approved design keeps you protected from any potential accidents that may occur.

Torc’s T-50 Route 66 Lucky 13 Open Face Helmet has a retro look reminiscent of the bikes from yesteryear.

The inside lining and head cushion fabric are grey with a brown stripe to add some vintage accents while still guaranteeing you’ll be stylish on your bike.

With a slim-fitting design, it’s perfect for guys who want class without bulk or history buffs who want an authentic 3/4 helmet while giving the complete protection needed in modern times.


  • It has DOT & ECE 22.5 certified.
  • It is a very comfortable helmet.
  • It has a Removable or replaceable shield.
  • The helmet is of excellent quality.
  • It is a very light helmet.
  • This is a retro-style motorcycle helmet.
  • The helmet is an advanced channeling ventilation system.


  • The helmet felt a little heavy.

Buyers Guide for Best Motorcycle Helmets Under 200:


A helmet is a vital tool for protecting your head during an impact. The exterior body of the gadget, called the shell or liner inside, depending on what kind you have, determines.

Its weight and price range can vary significantly between fibreglass/composite fibreglass with kevlar strands.

polycarbonate (plastic) lined in carbon fibers to make it more durable than steel but still light enough so that they don’t feel heavy when worn by themselves without any padding underneath them at all times except while cycling), etc. 


The paint used both give off beautiful colors after being applied to ensure protection from impacts through multiple layers and reflecting heat away, making these beauties comfortable even when wearing them in the desert under direct sunlight for hours upon hours.


If you plan on riding through the scorching heat or even not so scorching heat, ventilation will be essential in keeping your head cool without being too breezy, making it feel like ice cubes are being rubbed over your scalp. 


It should be done in a way that won’t cause the air to seep out from under your helmet dangerously if you take a corner too fast and flip over.


Many people don’t think about this until they pick up their first motorcycle helmet, which weighs a ton compared to other helmets, even though it looks the same as ones that weigh much less. 


The exterior shell means nothing if it is too heavy, which defeats the purpose of protecting your head in the first place. 


A good fit is essential for ensuring comfort, safety, and performance on the bike.

Make sure your helmet fits tightly enough to prevent wind noise but not so much that it presses against you or becomes uncomfortable when riding at high speeds.

A ventilated design means air flows through both sides of this protective equipment to help stop fogging up from sweat buildup inside any hot spots caused by direct contact between skin & padding materials.

A practical alternative if ventilation isn’t possible due to circumstances outside of rider control.


Lightweight designs allow less strain placed upon the neck over long distances such as long commutes to & from work, days spent on the tour of your city or country/state/province, etc.


To ensure safety is built into every single design of a motorcycle helmet, there are many available options for protection. Hard plastic shells give you peace of mind that your head is protected against impacts with the ground if it is dropped.

FAQs of Best Motorcycle Helmets Under 200:

1. Do I Need to Wear a Helmet?

As you start to ride your motorcycle, make sure that the first thing on is a helmet. Wearing one can save not only yourself from severe head injuries but those around you as well!

There are different regulations for wearing in various states, so be sure to check with Mom or Dad before setting out into traffic-free roads alone.

2. Must a helmet come with both DOT and SNELL safety ratings?

Not really. DoT and SNELL are two different bodies that set safety standards for motorcycles, but a model with both ratings is even better!

If you’re looking to race your bike in an event, it’s essential to make sure the helmet comes from a certification body.

Like Snell, which does testing on how well they protect against skull fractures during impact crashes or accelerations due to speed.

These racing helmets generally cost more than other models because their materials need special care, not only when making them tough enough. 

So people can wear them while speeding around tracks at high speeds without falling off onto hard surfaces below (or over) themselves constantly.

3. What safety standards of motorcycle helmets are there?

Several different standards apply to helmets worldwide, so you should do a little research to figure out what is required where you live.

Here in America, DOT requires all riders to wear helmets that meet these safety requirements and pass an inspection before they can be sold or worn on public highways by those under legal age.




The best motorcycle helmets under $200 are the ones that will keep you safe when riding your motorcycle.


They’ll also make sure that no foreign objects can get inside of them, and they’ll protect against direct sunlight, so you don’t overheat when wearing it in hot weather. Get a fantastic helmet for a great price with this article!

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