Anybody ever polish lugs? | Highway Bike, Biking Boards

i wouldnt lower into the powdercoat. its sturdiness appears to decrease fairly quick as soon as that first chip within the coating seems. additionally, its often pretty thick, and i believe the tube with laptop, and the lug with out, would find yourself virtually being the identical diameter.

often, you solely polish stainless-steel. the excessive finish builders you see with polished lugs are stainless, and buffed and polished till shiny. the stainless, as soon as tarnished can simply be returned to its authentic luster, whereas chrome, as soon as rusted or tarnished might by no means look the identical once more.

even for those who get non-stainless metal to shine, it might nonetheless rust, and clear coat wont stick with it properly. you’d mainly need to maintain it evenly coated with wd40 to maintain it untarnished.