Amelia Squariel: W/NG – fixing the dribbling

 Over the previous couple of weeks, I’ve seen the W/NG float bowl has been overflowing – however solely earlier than I begin the engine. When it is operating, the leak stops – presumably the needle seats a bit higher with the motion, or maybe the engine makes use of what little gasoline is leaking. This most likely contributed to the beginning issues my son was having a number of weeks again.

Anyhow, I resolved to kind this out, initially by taking a look and cleansing any particles from the bowl or from the gasoline pipe, however this had no impact. The bike has a brand new gasoline filter so there wasn’t a lot in there anyway.

On the suggestion of a few guys within the AOMCC, I lapped the needle into it is seat usng Brasso. I dropped a slug of Brasso down the gasoline connection:

Adopted by the needle, which regarded like new:

I held the needle within the chuck of my pillar drill and ran it for a number of seconds, permitting the load of the float bowl to hold on the needle.

The needle now has a skinny, steady ring round it, exhibiting the place the Brasso has worn the seat somewhat. It now seals completely, and reseats after I function the tickler.