Amelia Squariel: Huntmaster Toolkit

Up to date: First printed April 2018

As you realize, I’ve a little bit of a ardour for getting the instrument kits proper on my bikes. Some whereas in the past, I began a submit on the instrument roll for the FH, which took some time materialise however the secret to discovering these bits is to do your analysis and begin trying, within the data that it is likely to be some time earlier than you discover the whole lot…

Right here is the toolkit checklist from the 1956 components checklist. Added to this for 1957 is a ‘single ended field spanner for rear wheel nuts’, quantity 6601-57, most likely when the totally enclosed rear chain case was launched:

This is an inventory I made to collate what I had. Decimal dimensions come from the manufacturing facility drawings in Ray Tolman’s checklist.:

Spanner for brake fulcrum adjustment
Double Ended Spanner (rear wheel spindle nut)
Double Ended Spanner, steering head nuts
Spanner for sparking plug
Field Spanner for rear wheel
Tube Spanner for hub spindle nut
Screwdriver for clutch spring nuts
Single Ended Field Spanner for rear wheel nuts

My FH instrument equipment began off trying like this:

A instrument field stuffed with spanners
So we have to set to and discover the instruments. Merchandise 1 is straightforward, and I have already got one for the FH:

Merchandise 1, Brake Fulcrum Spanner

Merchandise 2 can be simple, when you do not forget that these spanners have been purchased in by Ariel, the makers names floor off and ‘Ariel’ stamped of their place. They’re additionally notable for the truth that they’re marked with BSW sizes not like most Ariel spanners, that are marked with BSF or BSC sizes:

Merchandise 2 Double Ended Spanner

Merchandise 3 is one other widespread Ariel spanner, the G1/59. This one is the later oval shank type:

Merchandise 3, Double Ended Spanner

Merchandise 3 is a bit drained and can want some materials including.

Merchandise 4 is an entire guess, supported by Ray Tolman’s opinion:

Merchandise 4, Double Ended Spanner

Is that this BSA spanner just like merchandise 5, given the provenance of the FH engine?

Giving it some thought I made a decision this later BSA spanner can be extra applicable.

Merchandise 6 is without doubt one of the commonest Ariel spanners. This one is pre-war (rectangular shank type):

Merchandise 6, Double Ended Spanner

Merchandise 7 can be quite common, although this one has been filed out…

Merchandise 7, Double Ended Spanner

This one matches the spark plug, however aside from that may be a full guess:

Merchandise 8, Spark Plug Spanner

Since merchandise 9 has a 1955 half quantity, I assume it have to be the wheel spindle spanner: 

Merchandise 9, Field spanner for rear wheel

This is a contemporary equal for merchandise 10:

Merchandise 10, Trendy Model

Merchandise 11 is simply the standard wire shaped screwdriver:

Merchandise 11, Screwdriver

The clutch screwdriver can be simple:

Merchandise 12, Clutch Screwdriver

Merchandise 13 is a typical Lucas magneto spanner:

Merchandise 13, magneto spanner

Merchandise 14 is a tyre lever, which I assume is just like both to the ‘third hand’ sort included within the army instrument kits, or extra most likely the Dunlop spoon sort. Since I’ve a spare cranked one, we’ll add that for now:

Merchandise 14, Tyre lever

Would merchandise 15 be one thing like this, utilized by Triumph?

This is my try, virtually there:

Merchandise 15, Tyre Lever and tommy bar

The tyre inflator:

Merchandise 16, Thapex Tyre Pump

This is the final merchandise, which I assume was added when the FERC was launched in 1956, making it tough to get to the QD hub nuts:

Merchandise 17, A single ended 3/8 BSW spanner appropriate for the hub nuts

So now I’ve this, and a bit extra looking out to do.

This is the repro instrument roll I made on this submit:

The little pile of instruments matches the bag properly:

And the bag matches within the instrument field:

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