3 Widespread Choices for Carrying Further Gasoline On a Grime Bike

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Carrying additional gas on a mud bike trip will be important for very lengthy enduro rides, however it may also be very harmful.  Listed below are just a few of the most well-liked choices that I’ve seen guys use to hold additional gas, in addition to my suggestions.

One of the best three choices for carrying gas safely on a mud bike are (1) Bottles in a saddlebag in your plastic tail part of the bike, (2) Gasoline bottles in a holster and strapped to the bike, or (3) Getting a excessive capability desert tank to your dust bike. 

Regardless of which technique you decide, I like to recommend selecting up some MSR gas bottles.  They safely maintain gas and are simple to retailer on a mud bike.  The MSR gas bottles on Amazon.com are by far the most well-liked choice for gas storage amongst severe dust bikers.

There are many different options like placing an auxiliary fuel tank in entrance of your numbers plate, however that messes up the look of your bike and places the fuel tank out within the open the place it’s more likely to be punctured.

Gasoline Bottles in a Saddle Bag

The MSR gas bottles on Amazon.com are in all probability the most well-liked selection amongst dust bike riders.  They’re meant for carrying gas for backpacking or tenting, so they’re protected to have gas in, I consider.  They’re metallic to guard the gas from puncture, they’re leak-proof to forestall any mishaps, and the answer is fairly low cost and cost-effective.

The saddlebags that I’ve been eyeing and I believe I’ll ultimately find yourself shopping for are these Nelson-Rigg twin sport bike saddle luggage on Amazon.com.  They’re dearer than a few of the low cost ones you see all over the place, however they give the impression of being very well made and gained’t stick out an excessive amount of when using.  That’s undoubtedly the one I’ll be getting.

Gasoline Bottles in a Holster

A inexpensive choice for those who don’t have already got saddle luggage to your dust bike is to easily get a holster for the MSR bottles.  This Nelson-Rigg one on Amazon appears to suit the MSR bottles very well and gives a number of straps and attachments so it must be simple to stash in your bike.

I noticed some footage of individuals strapping these to their bikes proper underneath the handlebars sideways alongside the fuel tank.  That appeared like a very nice spot to place them with out getting in the way in which in any respect.

Excessive Capability “Desert” Fuel Tanks

The fuel tanks that come manufacturing facility put in on most dust bikes are fairly small.  Most fuel tanks are 2 gallons or much less from the manufacturing facility.  That is performed to maintain the majority and weight down because the bikes are marketed; nonetheless, many enduro dust bike riders swap them out for bigger fuel tanks of over 4 gallons in dimension equivalent to this one from Acerbis on Amazon.

Don’t Be Dumb

A couple of security objects to think about when transporting gas on a mud bike.

  • By no means “put on” the gas.  It doesn’t belong on a backpack, waist pack, hip pack, vest, or jacket.  You do not need fuel to spill on you which ones might catch a spark, and also you don’t need the gas to mild up and require you to take away it from you.  Don’t do it.
  • Solely carry as a lot gasoline as you really need.  Don’t go overboard as a result of extra gas at all times comes with threat.
  • Guarantee the additional fuel (petrol for you UK people) is totally sealed within the container and can’t leak out.
  • By no means retailer gas in a container not designed to retailer gas.  There are web sites on the market recommending that riders put gas in Gatorade bottles, previous bleach bottles, or soda bottles.  Use widespread sense and acknowledge that that is extraordinarily unsafe.
  • Don’t go away the gas saved in additional containers between rides.  The fuel is more likely to go dangerous.
  • Watch out to not combine up gas sorts. Placing the incorrect kind of gas in your dust bike will be deterimental to you dust bike. See what happends for those who put the incorrect kind of gas in your dust bike right here.

I noticed a video on Youtube final week of a man who obtained plastic vials and crammed them up with fuel after which put them in a vest for transport when dust biking.  He seemed like a terrorist with a suicide vest, and truthfully being that reckless with gas might very effectively create a suicide scenario if there have been a spark.  For that reason, I NEVER suggest any gasoline answer that includes carrying the gas in a vest, backpack or on the particular person in any respect.  For my part, gas ought to at all times be saved in a pouch on the bike and by no means on the rider.

My Suggestion

I personally assume that for those who’re going to be using for lengthy sufficient that you simply’ll want additional gas, you would possibly as effectively get some good saddlebags after which simply put the MSR tanks in there.

Some guys wish to put on backpacks for enduro and in that case it may be tempting to place gas in there, however I nonetheless simply don’t assume that’s sensible to be carrying gas.

So, I’ve determined to ditch the backpack, embrace the saddlebags, and put my gas in there.  Easy answer.