23mm or 25mm tires? | Street Bike, Biking Boards

25mm tires are certainly wider than 23s. They really have LESS rolling resistance that the narrower tires. There are a number of technical, scientifically performed research/articles proving this. If you would like, ship me a private message & I will ship some to you. 25mm are additionally extra comfy by, IMO, a major margin, and so they get higher traction, and put on longer.

The down aspect is that they are heavier and due to this fact do not speed up as properly, or climb in addition to narrower tires. Extra folks trip 23mm tires than 25s by a really vital margin. Why? A number of causes. One is that a few years in the past folks, together with myself, believed that narrower tires have been sooner. One more reason is custom, and yet one more is look. Some race bikes have very tight clearances and have a tough time accommodating tires larger that 23mm.