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WOD Nation Gymnastics GripsWOD Nation Gymnastics Grips

Tried another brand in the box while waiting for these to arrive and thought I made a mistake. Theirs were stiff, pinched, and didn’t cover quite as far as I wanted. But these ones are perfect right out of the package! No pinching and soft plus the small wrist wrap is nice. It also has a small pouch to store them in. Size it how they have shown and you can’t go wrong. ~ David S.Been using these for a few months now and they’re are wonderful. I use them for when I do Crossfit and they’ve have kept me hands from getting shredded. ~M.MI truly love the product so far, have been using it for about a week now in my Crossfit Gym. They really help my hands (and wrists a little bit too!) with lifting weights and also when the work out requires to do hanging knee raises. I’ve been doing Crossfit for about a year now and finally had to get a pair of hand grips for the Open. ~ EmilyWOD Nation is the only place you need to look for all of your CrossFit apparel. The Leather Gymnastics Hand Grips are a perfect example. Dependable, comfortable, and perfectly sized. Why go anywhere else for this product or similar ones? (That was a rhetorical question.) Happy WODing. ~ Jacob D.

Stop Destroying Your Hands and Start Destroying Your Workout!

Whether you do strict pullups or kipping pull ups, can do 10 unbroken muscle ups or are working on your first, can do 100 kettle bell swings in a row or just a few… whatever type of athlete you are… none of us like to deal with blisters, callouses, or ripped palms! For those of you that leave it all in the gym, let us help you take care of your hands. We designed these leather hand grip protectors with you in mind.

We looked high and low for a company that made good quality gymnastic hand protectors and all we found were thin pieces of suede and painful flimsy wrist straps. We were so disappointed we got to work and designed our own.

Made from the world’s best leather, our hand grip protection is combined with a wrist strap that stays in place and is super comfortable. No matter what your workout looks like, these babies can take it and keep coming back for more.

Not only that but we decided that just because these were strictly palm protection doesn’t mean they can’t be cool so we made them in 3 snazzy colors and 3 sizes (fits both men and women) to fit any athlete from pro CrossFit stars to gym newbies and everyone in between.

Premium Leather Makes All the Difference

While many gymnastics grips use cheap leather that is so thick you can hardly feel the bar, ours premium leather is thin and supple like a glove. You won’t need to spend several weeks wearing them in either as they are super comfortable right out of the box.

Chalk Up the Rough Bar Side for Even More Grip

We’ve specially engineered our Crossfit grips to help athletes stay on the bar longer and grip it harder. The inside of the grip (against your palm) is smooth and comfortable like a glove. The outside (against the bar) is rough which allows the grips to hold chalk and the bar better.

How to Measure Your Hand to Order the Correct Size

With a ruler measure you palm from the base of your middle finger to the crease of your wrist.

Large = 5 inches and up Medium = 4.25 – 5 inches Small = 4.25 inches and below
If you’re right in between we recommend sizing down.

“For Athletes by Athletes”

Every WOD Nation product has been tested under the most strenuous WODs.

Premium Materials and Construction : Unlike other brands, we use top quality material that is not only durable but also soft and form fitting. We triple stitch that to a bulletproof nylon wrist strap that holds everything in place but doesn’t irritate your wrist.
Perfect For All Bar Exercises : Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, gymnastics rings, parallel bars, and pull up bars are murder on your hands. Put our premium palm protectors between you and your equipment to make sure your hands stay protected so you can come back tomorrow and do it all over again.
And They Look Cool Too : Just because they are gym equipment doesn’t mean they have to be ugly.


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