Wilderness Systems Helix PD Pedal Drive – Propulsion Device for Kayaks



Price: $1,149.99
(as of May 15,2021 09:11:38 UTC – Details)

The time has come for true innovation in motion with the new, patent-pending Helix PD pedal drive. Featuring a 6: 1 gear ratio precision-tuned to a 14 x 17 two-bladed fixed pitch prop, the Helix PD is the most efficient and intuitive pedal system Ever engineered. Fully deployed, the system is optimized for maximum speed in exchange for less effort so you can be hands-free to fish all day. A groundbreaking auto-raising mast achieves zero draft with a spring-loaded kick pedal, and the unit can be further stowed forward and out of the way to complete the 3-phases of possible positioning. Tuned to the proven performance of Wilderness Systems’ S. M. A. Outerweart. Hull designs, and currently compatible with the new radar 8070055 family, The Helix PD pedal drive is the definitive advantage.

Pedal-drive add-on system for Wilderness Systems kayaks
Enables hands-free kayaking for fishing or Recreation
Compatible with radar 115 and radar 135 models
6: 1 gear ratio
Auto-raising mast


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