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Director Katsuhiko Nishijima of “Office Lingerie” Did the Key Animation on Vampire Hunter D (OVA)
Office Lingerie, originally titled Lingeries (ランジェリーズ Ranjeriizu), is an eroge series published by Mink that has been made into a series of Japanese Adult OVA released by Green Bunny in 2003. A three episode animated erotic direct-to-video series was adapted from the game’s story.
Competent temporary staff Nakanishi was hired to the famous underwear manufacturer. The real objective given to him is to crush the vice-president faction who are bent on secretly creating a takeover of the company. Nakanishi, who was appointed to the second Division of section chief, was ordered to foil their plot led by the vice-president along with Miki, the Planning Department manager, and his right-hand man Zaitsu. In order to foil their plans, Nakanishi would receive several help from some of the women in his department, even by means of sexual harassment. Along with another help of the assistant department manager, who happens to be Zaitsu’s lover.
Complete all 3 Episodes
No. Of Disc:1 Region: 1 (U.S. / Canada)
Length: 90 min.
Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen
Audio: Japanese optional English (Dolby Digital)
Subtitle: English or No Subtitle
By Kitty Media/ Media Blasters


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