High Sierra HS1434 Back Support/Black Full Size Ergonomic Pillow Premium Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion for Office Chair, Car, SUV Fits Most Seats



Price: $29.99
(as of May 13,2021 08:23:26 UTC – Details)

High Sierra’s Lumbar Cushion is shaped with contours that align with the lower back arch for maximum lumbar support. The contours help the cushion properly function equally well on lengthy, seated trips in tight spaces over harsh terrain or more leisurely stationary situations such as home or office work. This cushion consists of high-grade memory foam and an ultra-soft removable plush cover. The foam responds to and remembers the unique curvature of a person’s body and the forces the body applies. The plush cover adds even more comfort to the already immense support system that the memory foam offers, and this removable layer makes for easy cleaning without putting the foam in contact with moisture. An adjustable strap is included with this universal lumbar cushion so that the cushion doesn’t slide out of place over time. With this strap securing the cushion to your seat, your comfort can last hour. Plus, the strap and cushion are designed to fit any seat, so this cushion comes in handy in pretty much any situation you can imagine.

CONTOURED FOR COMFORT – The curvatures in this lumbar support cushion match the natural arch of the lower back for optimum lumbar support. The cushion is engineered to maximize support in the lower back in even the hardest, least comfortable of seats.
HIGH-GRADE MEMORY FOAM – This lumbar support cushion is built from high-grade memory foam that adapts to and remembers the shape of your body. The result is superior comfort! Providing ample, sturdy support to the lower back for hours of use.
SHOCK ABSORBENT – High Sierra’s lumbar support cushion is designed to curb the bumping and other shocks that accompany car trips. This back support pillow keeps drivers and passengers comfortable for long hours rides.
UNIVERSAL STRAP – A built in adjustable strap makes installation a simple, one-step process. Don’t worry about the cushion quickly slipping out of place – even over the roughest of terrain, this strap can keep the cushion at the exact height needed.
REMOVABLE COVER – With repeated use comes dirt build-up and stains. Thanks to the removable plush cover, cleaning this cushion couldn’t easier. Simply remove the cover and toss it in the wash with all your other clothes to make this cushion last for years.


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