Gibson Athletic Women Double Buckle Just Right Uneven Bar Grips




Price: $37.95
(as of May 13,2021 03:41:58 UTC – Details)

If you ask a gymnast, grips are more than a piece of leather. Molded to the shape of your hand, they become an extension of the athlete, creating the exact feeling needed to swing with confidence and put in the repetitions in training. It’s the familiarity you feel when adjusting to a new set of bars, so you can hit that routine just right in competition. It’s the symbol of progression and dedication, when your coach finally lets you get measured for your first pair, or you’ve worn yours out with all the hard work you’ve put into practice. Whether it’s your first pair, or you’re buying a backup pair to make it through your competitive season, we offer an entire line of grips to meet your needs.

Created for gymnasts who need a dowel grip but whose hands may be too small for the standard grips on the market.
Allows for more hand contact on the bar, while minimizing rips.
Constructed with high-quality leather with a double buckle closure.
Sold in pairs, Made in the USA
NOTE: Appropriate for hands 5.75-6.25″ from tip of middle finger to base of palm


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