Erocalli Bungee Dock Line for Boat – Mooring Rope Shock Absorb Dock Tie Boat Accessories 4-5.5 ft 2/Pack



Price: $18.98
(as of May 14,2021 10:45:05 UTC – Details)

【DURABLE MATERIAL】Our dock line is made of 100% polypropylene&Nylon with soft double braided hollow rope.It has super tensile strength,which can It stretches 15%when loaded to about 20of its breaking strength, providing shock absorbency. The bungee cord is well hidden inside the rope and acts as a built in snubber that holds your boat firmly in place. To ensure that docking is fast and stress-free, the dock line has a sliding adjustment on both ends.
【GREAT SIZE】Our bungee dock lines can be stretched from 4 ft (about 120cm) to 5.5 ft (about 167.64cm). it’s perfect design size for small and medium boat and pwm or and personal fishing boat.
【MORE SECURE TO DOCK】Dock Line Snubbers will help add some shock-absorbing stretch to your dock lines any winds or wave can lead the boat position movement and the collision happened easily. snubber dock line help to absorb shock to boats, cleats, docks, pylons and other hardward. the SLEEVE TUBE is removable which can help the loop attach to the cleat tightly. EVA FOAM FLOATS work well to protect the boat from chafing sliding and sinking.
【POWERFUL LOADING】Our dock lines can load up to 1800lbs, no problem keeping a 23ft boat secure to dock. A must have for boat and PWC owner.Never underestimate the importance of a good quality dock line. It’s one of the most important tools any boater can have. Choose a cheap dock line at your peril, especially if you leave your boat docked for the winter when the weather is at it’s worst.
【QUICK AND EASY TO DOCK】Our dock lines is perfect for a quick tie up to a cleat, piling or dock post and so on. Not Knots Any More!! Not everyone is an Eagle scout and can tie perfect knots, but with these bungee dock lines, you are able to dock your boat within 10 seconds, even a 7 years old kids can help to dock with our dock lines.


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