DLZ 10 Pcs Front Suspension Kit-Upper Control Arm Lower Ball Joint Tie Rod End Sway Bar 2WD RWD Compatible with Ford F150 1997-2003 F250 1998-1999 Expedition 1997-2002 K8695T K8726T ES3366T ES3365T



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Product Description

About DLZ Suspenison Kit

Strict Quality Control Various Model Complete Fitment Easy to Install Greasable Ball Joint for Heavy Duty. Redesigned Ball Joint meet the requirement of DIY owners to extend parts lifetime Durable surface treatment for Anti-Rust, earning outstanding performance in snow and salt condition. Grease maintain performance from – 22℉to 248 ℉. Double Strong Control Arm with extra material and precise welding make extra strength and protection. It extends the security in though road condition. Double layer Dust Cover, protect the inside ball joint construction. Maintain performance from -22℉ to 248 ℉.

Problems and Solutions

When you meet the below problems, your suspensions kit should be checked and replaced.

1. Vehicles will shock up and down extremely on very bumpy roads.

2. Vehicles will deviate the intended track from one side and they will become normal after continuous correction.

3. Strange noise happen.

Fitments Information

Compatible with:

Ford Expedition 2WD & RWD 1997-2002;

Ford F-150 2WD & RWD 1997-2003, Ford F-150 Heritage 2WD & RWD 2004;

Ford F-250 2WD & RWD 1998-1999;

Lincoln Blackwood 2002;

Lincoln Navigator 2WD & RWD 1998-2002;

Package Includes:

2 x Part# K8695T Front Lower Ball Joints

1 x Part# K8726T Front Left Upper Control Arm with Ball Joint

1 x Part# K8728T Front Right Upper Control Arm with Ball Joint

2 x Part# K8772 Front Stabilizer/Sway Bar Link Kits

1 x Part# ES3366T Left Outer Tie Rod End

1 x Part# ES3367T Right Outer Tie Rod End

1 x Part# ES3365T Left Inner Tie Rod End

1 x Part# ES3364T Right Inner Tie Rod End

Difference Between DLZ and Others

Brand new products. No refurbished parts! Fast shipment with United States. High performance grease and bushings,with high performance of anti-rust, reduce the unpredictable external conditions.

Faster: Fast shipment within USA Safer: Premium material used to secure quality Easier: DIY friendly and easy to install

After replaced with DLZ:

More comfortable: reduce the noise and other unusual problems More stable: tight steering just like new vehicles More reliable: driving with better stability

Only Compatible with Ford Expedition 2WD & RWD 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002/FORD F-150 2WD & RWD 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003/Ford F-150 Heritage 2WD & RWD 2004(Fits if the 11th digit of VIN is C)/Ford F-250 2WD & RWD 1998 1999/1997 Ford F-250(Fits models with an Independent Front Suspension)/ Lincoln Blackwood 2002/Lincoln Navigator 2WD & RWD 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 (! ! Please Note that Only Compatible with 2WD & RWD ! !)
Interchange Part Number:5L3Z3085B, F65Z3085AB, K8726T, MCSOE26, MK8726T, XL3Z3085AA ; 5L3Z3084B, F65Z3084AB, K8728T, MCSOE24, MK8728T, XL3Z3084AA ; 2L1Z5495AA, 6L3Z5495A, F65Z5K483CC, K8772, XL3Z5495AA ; 2L3Z3A130CA, ES3364T, F65Z3A130CA, MEOE65 ; 2L3Z3A131AA, ES3365T, F65Z3A130AB, MEOE113 ; 2L3Z3A130AA, ES3366T, F65Z3A130AA, MEOE63 ; 2L3Z3A130BA, ES3367T, F65Z3A130BA, MEOE64 ; 2L3Z3050AA, 7L5Z3050A, BL5Z3050A, F57Z3050BB, K8695T, MCF2233, MCSOE1, YL2Z3050AA, ZZP034550C
Package Include: Both (2) Front Driver & Passenger Side Upper Control Arm & Ball Joint Assembly + Both (2) Front Lower Ball Joints, Both (2) Front Outer + Both (2) Front Inner Tie Rod Ends, Both (2) Front Stablizer Sway Bar Links
Quality & Delivery Warranty: 1 Year Warranty for all parts you ordered.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before placing the order, please check your car model in the Fitment Filter System in the top left corner. Compatibility information provided is for reference only. Please make sure to match the exact part numbers between this part and the part that you are replacing.


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