Cold Air Inductions Inc. CF-9337 High Performance Air Filter



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(as of May 15,2021 08:46:36 UTC – Details)

Cold Air Inductions Inc. engineers high performance, lifetime use air filters which have unique features allowing them to maximize the performance potential of our cold air intake kits. Our 8 layer interwoven cotton filter pleating is high above what many consider as “industry standard”, providing superior filtration and protection for your vehicles engine, and trapping particles down to 5 microns. Our filters have a large radius base with an engineered tube stop, which gives the air flow a smooth transition from the filter to the intake tube of the CAI. This smooth transition also reduces turbulence, which will allow for more accurate MAF readings to stabilize fuel trims and increase horsepower and torque. Every filter we offer has an engineered velocity stack radius from pleat to filter base which increases air flow and eliminates turbulence from air being pulled into the air filter. Our filters include an aircraft quality stainless steel hose clamp to secure it to the intake tube of your CAI. All of our filters can be maintained with a Cold Air Inductions Inc. recharge kit to ensure the filter is performing at its highest level, allowing it to be used for the entire life of your vehicle. Filters come pre-oiled from the factory and are ready to install.

Lifetime use washable air filter (only to be recharged with a Cold Air Inductions Inc. recharge kit)
Pre-oiled from the factory and ready for immediate installation
Engineered smooth bore tube stop and radiused velocity stack to reduce turbulence and increase airflow
8 Layers of interwoven cotton gauze filter media, capable of trapping down to 5 microns for superior filtration
Direct filter replacement for Cold Air Inductions Inc. cold air intake kit part #’s: 501-0520, 501-0520-B, 501-0519-39, 501-0519-39-B


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