Aqua Lung Legend LX Regulator, (Closeout Sale)




Price: $599.00
(as of May 13,2021 02:14:59 UTC – Details)

The new Aqua Lung Legend LX is smaller and lighter than the older models, providing a more comfortable dive. The balanced diaphragm first stage offers exceptional performance at any depth, cylinder pressure or condition and the added benefit of the environmental seal helps prevent cold conditions from affecting the first stage reliability.

Diaphragm First Stage, Environmentally Sealed Balance Chamber, Heat Exchangers
Braided Flex Hose, Venturi Control, 4 Low Pressure Ports & 2 High Pressure Ports
Auto Closure Device Keeps Corrosive Water out Of First Stage Inlet by Automatically Closing
Environmental Dry System Keeps Water Out of Main Spring Chamber Thus Preventing Ice Buildup and Keeping Silt and Contamination Out
Pneumatically-balanced Second Stage Results in Smooth, Easy Breathing


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